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Civil Litigation Attorney

Civil Litigation AttorneyHiring a civil litigation attorney is relative to the situation at hand. In doing so, you want to hire the attorney that will best meet your needs. However, there are some considerations in the hiring of a civil litigation attorney that can make the experience of civil litigation not only bearable, but can turn the matter into a success.

Here is how to know you have the best civil litigation attorney:

1. You want an attorney that you get along with.

Civil litigation is so difficult regardless of which side you are on. You want to make sure that your attorney explains the process to you and protects you from the worst of the process.

2. Your attorney is upfront concerning his or her opinion on the outcome of the matter.

Your civil ligation attorney has an opinion based on his or her expertise. It is important to understand what that opinion is and the likelihood of prevailing. This will drive the entire litigation and the likelihood of settlement.

3. Your attorney has a clearly written and understandable fee agreement.

This agreement is the basis of your relationship with your attorney. Most problems between and attorney and client arise out of the lack of a clear understanding of the fees payable to your attorney. Make sure that you fully understand the fee agreement and what it entails.

4. Your attorney communicates with you regularly and clearly.

Communication is so important. Things can change quickly as civil litigation unfolds. It is important that your civil litigation attorney can communicate with you concerning the changes in trajectory as they arise.

5. Your attorney doesn’t promise you a specific outcome.

We all want to win. But there are so many variables in civil litigation. We cannot know the outcome before engaging in the process.

6. Your attorney follows through.

This is the idea of credibility. If your civil litigation attorney tells you, or the judge, or opposing counsel that he or she will do something, your attorney flows through and does what they have said they would. Credibility leads to trustworthiness. You must be able to trust your attorney.

7. Your attorney is civil with others.

Civil litigation is similar to combat, but it needn’t be combative. It is important for your attorney to be persuasive, not confrontational.

8. Your attorney is persuasive.

The power of persuasive writing and speaking is so important in civil litigation. Attorneys work to perfect this skill. You want your civil litigation attorney to persuade others that yours is the correct position.

9. Your attorney is organized.

Organization is a skill related to being able to conduct oneself professionally. It leads to a more cohesive presentation of the case and that can be persuasive to the trier of fact.

10. Your attorney is a skilled negotiator.

Most cases are settled out of court during negotiations. Being a skilled negotiator involves not only being skilled in the law, it also requires a great deal of people skill. A good civil litigation attorney is an expert at handling people.

The above list is just 10 Ways to Know You Have Hired the Best Civil Litigation Attorney. This is not an exhaustive list, but most of the items listed above are crucial in litigation. Interview your attorney before you hire them.

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