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The law protects patients from greedy medical providers and pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers by making it illegal for another provider to accept payments or incentives in exchange for using their product or services.

Wondering if Your Evidence is Proof of a Violation of Anti-Kickback and Stark Law in the Field of Healthcare? An Experienced Roswell Whistleblower Lawyer Can Tell You

Are you wondering if your evidence is proof of a violation of anti-kickback and Stark law in the field of healthcare? An experienced Roswell whistleblower lawyer can tell you.

In conjunction with The False Claims Act, The Anti-Kickback Statute is a criminal statute which prohibits the giving, accepting, soliciting, or arranging items of value in any form (gifts, discounts, cross-referrals between parties), either directly or indirectly for the purpose of inducing or rewarding another party for referrals of services paid for by a federal government healthcare program.

Roswell whistleblower litigation attorney Mike Bothwell of Bothwell Law Group represents clients with original, undisclosed evidence of misuse of Federal healthcare funds.

The statute is very broad and, in addition to the obvious referrals of patients or services, it also covers purchasing, ordering, leasing or arranging for or recommending the purchase, leasing or ordering of services paid for by a federal health care program in exchange for any item of value.

Whistleblowers who Report Misuse of Federal Funds in the Georgia Healthcare Field Need a GA Stark Law Attorney

Whistleblowers who report misuse of Federal funds in the Georgia healthcare field need a GA Stark Law Attorney who has a solid history of successful Stark Law whistleblower litigation.

The Stark Law prohibits a physician from referring federal government healthcare program patients for certain “designated health services” to an entity with which the physician or an immediate family member has a financial relationship. The “designated health services” covered by the Stark Law include:

  • clinical laboratory services
  • physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech language pathology services
  • radiology and certain other imaging services
  • radiation therapy services and supplies
  • durable medical equipment and supplies

For a complete, free evaluation and professional advice on Georgia Stark Law whistleblower law, consult with Roswell whistleblower protection lawyer Mike Bothwell.

Questions About a Georgia Medical Care Arrangement? Are You Aware of a Physician Being Compensated for Referrals? Contact an Atlanta Healthcare Whistleblower Lawyer

The dedicated and seasoned Bothell Law Group kickback litigation team knows how to prepare and present your evidence in the most advantageous way, netting you the best possible recovery of damages.

Examples of Stark Law Violations:

Self-referral: prohibiting physicians from steering patients to medical facilities in which they have a financial interest prevents abuse of overuse of services. Doing so keeps healthcare costs in check by allowing for fair competition.

Improper referrals: referrals to facilities such as nursing homes, physical/occupational therapy clinics, radiology/ultrasound service providers, medical equipment/supplies companies, home health services, pharmaceutical services, and hospital providers that include financial enrichment, whether directly or indirectly are prohibited.

Unlawful Retention of Overpayment: Whether done knowingly or not, retention of overpayment that is not returned within 60 days may subject wrongdoers to stiff fines and penalties.

If you have questions about a Georgia medical care arrangement or are aware of a physician being compensated for referrals, please contact an Atlanta healthcare whistleblower lawyer at Bothwell Law Group to discuss the legality of the arrangement and whether you have a potential False Claims Act case.