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Fraudulent billing to government entities for services that were never rendered is a violation of federal law. Phony billings often slip past Medicare recipients, but the practice is not just limited to the elderly. If you have original evidence of fraudulent charges for undelivered services, consult with a Roswell Medicare billing fraud lawyer.

Fraudulent acts are also committed by shuffling patients around and ordering unnecessary services in order to increase profits for owners, doctors, managers, and other healthcare workers. Other examples of billing abuses include billing for tests/procedures that were never performed, charging for supplies that weren’t delivered, submitting a claim for equipment that wasn’t used and/or ordered and billing for non-existent medical personnel/technicians.

Some unscrupulous operators have even sunk so low as to recruit for the Medicaid information of minor children which is then used for fraudulent billing. Others just pile phony charges on to legitimate charges. Oftentimes, these practices never come to the attention of authorities until someone chooses to expose the wrongdoing.

It takes courage to come forward. On the job retaliation is not uncommon. Whistleblowers need an attorney who will protect them from job retaliation and fight to reinstate benefits, pay scale, or position and hold companies accountable when they fail to rehire. Georgia whistleblowers that expose fraud are protected under the False Claims Act, but they need Roswell medical fraud lawyer Mike Bothwell to ensure that happens.

Why is An Expert Roswell False Claims Act Lawyer Your Best Choice When Coming Forward With Evidence?

Fraudulent billing for undelivered services is not limited to the medical field. Sensational stories of billing abuse by defense contractors, for-profit educational institutions, mortgage companies, and Securities traders abound.

An expert Roswell False Claims Act Lawyer is your best choice when coming forward with evidence. Filing a False Claims Act lawsuit correctly can be challenging, especially for whistleblowers who were involved with the wrongdoing, even if they really didn’t fully understand what they were doing. Georgia patients who don’t speak up about a padded bill in exchange for a co-pay waiver, office workers who don’t want to jeopardize their job, and those who learn of their participation in the fraud after the fact need a Roswell healthcare billing fraud lawyer who is thoroughly familiar with False Claims Act/Stark Law qui tam amendments and has a solid record of successful False Claims Act violations settlements to prove it.

How and when a claim is presented is important, as well. At Bothwell Law Group, a free evaluation of your Georgia government billing fraud case includes verifying your evidence as “First to File” and “Original Source” as well as solid counselling regarding the direction your case should take and advice on what to say and when. Roswell whistleblower qui tam attorney Mike Bothwell and his team of legal experts will help you avoid disqualification of the right to claim.

Contact a Roswell Billing Fraud Lawyer Who is 100% Dedicated to False Claims Act Claims

Attorneys who cover multiple fields of law are certainly competent to represent whistleblowers, but there are only so many times you can cut the pie before the pieces become too small to be of much use. A busy, distracted attorney is not going to be as up to date on False Claims Act amendments and changes. It is far wiser to contact a Roswell billing fraud lawyer who is 100% dedicated to claims of fraudulent billing for services not rendered. Bothwell Law Group, a top Georgia whistleblower law firm, dedicates its entire practice to representing whistleblower claims of misuse of public funds.