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Billing For Unnecessary Services

As Government health care spending on VA, Medicare, Medicaid, and other government funded programs increases, so too does the fraudulent misuse of taxpayer dollars. Without whistleblowers, much of it would never be uncovered. Protecting their rights is important and awarding part of the settlement to the whistleblower is fair compensation for the risks they take. Georgia whistleblowers should seek counsel from a reputable metro Atlanta medical fraud lawyer to ensure their rights are protected and they seek the highest dollar settlement possible. Medical fraud can take many forms, from upcoding to making false claims for non-existent patients to Stark Law violations.

A common tactic is to bill for unnecessary services. As patients are shuffled from doctor to doctor, clinic to clinic, and unnecessary diagnostic test to unneeded medical treatment, owners, doctors, and managers profit. Medicare recipients are asked to check their periodic statements for errors, but few people know if they’re receiving unnecessary treatments. Those who work in the healthcare field are usually the first to catch on. If you have uncovered fraudulent billing on Georgia’s elderly population, consult with a Roswell Medicare billing fraud lawyer to protect yourself against job retaliation.

Need a Lawyer to Represent Your Georgia Fraudulent Medical Billing Case? An Expert Roswell False Claims Act Lawyer is Your Best Choice

There are times when a patient has been duped in to a billing scheme. If your doctor or healthcare provider routinely waives your co-pay or is meting out substandard medical care while seeking government reimbursement, be suspicious. Whether you were a willing participant or not, contact a Bothwell Law Group whistleblower qui tam attorney to avoid disqualification of the right to claim. Other examples of billing abuses include billing for tests or procedures that were never performed/ordered, charging for supplies/equipment that wasn’t used or ordered, upcoding and mis-coding, double-billing, billing for non-existent medical personnel/technicians, and phony cost increases. Roswell healthcare billing fraud lawyer Mike Bothwell has spent his career building a team of legal experts who guide whistleblowers every step of the way. With an exclusive focus on whistleblower law, Mike is familiar with all False Claims Act/Stark Law qui tam amendments and has a solid record of successful False Claims Act violations settlements. Bothwell Law Group offers free evaluation of your government billing fraud case, which includes verifying your evidence as “First to File” and “Original Source”.

Contact an Area Roswell Billing Fraud Lawyer to Avoid Pitfalls

Smart Georgia whistleblowers should ask themselves, “Do I want an all-around attorney who may or may not give me the attention my case needs or would I fare better with the kind of Roswell False Claims Act lawyer I can find at Bothwell Law Group?” Have you uncovered government program billing abuses? Georgia whistleblowers should contact an area Roswell billing fraud lawyer at Bothwell Law Group as soon as possible to make sure the Statute of Limitations doesn’t run out and to ensure they’ve considered all aspects of their claim.