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Find out why success rates of false claims act cases remain high. The success rates of False Claims Act cases have been on the rise for the past decade. Unfortunately, as financial rewards grew, so did the number of nuisance cases. The government spends money whenever they investigate an FCA lawsuit, so eventually, the Department […]

Learn how the False Claims Act and Medicaid work in tandem. The False Claims Act is well-suited to deal with current Medicaid problems. Surprisingly, the law came out of the Civil War to combat other types of government fraud. The principles still hold true today. Furthermore, the government uses them more often to prosecute businesses […]

The instances of using the False Claims Act in Medicare cases are going up. Given its size and the amount of money at stake, Medicare has enormous potential for fraud and false claims. So it’s no wonder that the False Claims Act is a popular law to crack down on Medicare fraud. But what is […]

Getting a False Claims settlement is nice, but it often requires going through the court system. The False Claims Act is a powerful tool to stop fraud, but getting a False Claims settlement as a relator can be a very lengthy and involved process. This settlement usually comes as a result of someone going through […]

Discover how the False Claims Act and Medicaid often go hand in hand. Given the size and importance of social welfare programs in the United States, it’s no wonder you will see the False Claims Act and Medicaid close to each other. The bigger the government program, the more money is at stake and the […]

False Claims Act for Medicare is a significant source of fraudulent activity against the government. Individuals looking to defraud the federal government often find themselves dealing with the False Claims Act for Medicare. But how is a major government social welfare program connected to a federal law aimed at stopping fraud? We’ll explain how and […]