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Types of Acts Are Covered by the False Claims Act

Knowing which types of acts are covered by the False Claims Act is important. It can determine whether a whistleblower can take advantage of reward and protection provisions under the False Claims Act. While most acts that fall under the False Claims Act revolve around the fraudulent taking of money from the US government, not […]

Activities Covered By The False Claims Act

Activities covered by the False Claims Act include a variety of actions where an individual or organization can take money for themselves that otherwise belongs to the US government. We will provide an overview of the types of activities that typically fall under the False Claims Act. Activities Specifically Covered by the False Claims Act […]

Awards Offered Under the False Claims Act

Individuals who decide to blow the whistle on fraud taking place against the US government are eligible for awards offered under the False Claims Act. The vast majority of claims brought under the False Claims Act are the result of an individual bringing the fraud to the attention of the government. One of the reasons […]

violating the false claims act

Violating the False Claims Act can result in severe financial penalties for those who defraud the federal government by submitting a false claim. The exact penalty will depend on several factors, including the amount of money improperly taken from the government and the amount of cooperation, if any, the violator provides to the federal government. […]

false claims act primer

A False Claims Act primer explains the purpose of the False Claims Act, as well as how it works and the major components of the law. A potential whistleblower will want to understand what benefits they can obtain from the False Claims Act before deciding to take advantage of it. False Claims Act Primer Background […]

whistleblower provision of the false claims act

The qui tam or whistleblower provision of the False Claims Act is probably its most important provision. This is because it protects whistleblowers from retaliation for reporting fraud. It also provides a financial incentive to report the fraud and assist the government in its investigation. Whistleblower Provision of the False Claims Act:  Protection When someone […]