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Learn how the False Claims Act and Medicaid work in tandem. The False Claims Act is well-suited to deal with current Medicaid problems. Surprisingly, the law came out of the Civil War to combat other types of government fraud. The principles still hold true today. Furthermore, the government uses them more often to prosecute businesses […]

Before becoming a Medicaid fraud whistleblower, consider the following. If you notice Medicaid fraud, you may think about becoming a Medicaid fraud whistleblower. You want to do the right thing, and the possibility of a substantial financial reward doesn’t hurt either. But before you blow the whistle, keep the following considerations in mind, because the […]

Medical insurance fraud commonly comes in the form of kickbacks. Health services make up a large portion of the American economy, so medical insurance fraud is a common occurrence. Kickbacks are one of the most common forms of illegal behavior in the healthcare setting, but why is this the case? And what are kickbacks, anyway? […]

How Are Medicare Whistleblower Rewards Paid

Are you looking for answers regarding how Medicare whistleblower rewards are paid? The truth is Medicare whistleblowers can wind up with a very lucrative payout. By seeking qualified representation for whistleblower law and Qui Tam Law cases, a whistleblower’s potential for a payout from the liable parties can be substantial. What Is the Whistleblower Law? […]

Medicare Fraud Cases

You might have heard about a few Medicare fraud cases here and there, but you probably don’t realize how big the problem is. Did you know Medicare and Medicaid fraud costs taxpayers billions of dollars every single year? Or, that an estimated 10% of Medicare and Medicaid claims filed are fraudulent? It’s true. And in […]

Medicaid fraud whistleblower

If you have knowledge of fraud being committed by an organization that receives Medicaid funds, you may have grounds to become a Medicaid fraud whistleblower. Medicaid provides healthcare benefits to qualifying households from government funds. In order to become a Medicaid recipient, you must fall within certain income guidelines, having no health insurance or inadequate […]