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How do different states’ whistleblower laws differ from federal protection? States’ whistleblower laws provide added protection for people, but they also come with their own set of eligibility requirements. Assumptions can spoil your case before it even begins. Working with a lawyer can help you navigate the complaint process the appropriate way to ensure you’re […]

What are the basics of whistleblower legislation, and how does it relate to you? Whistleblower legislation isn’t a modern invention. It arose from corruption in the 19th Century, particularly as predatory companies scrambled to take advantage of government expenditures made during the Civil War. Fighters on both sides of the conflict were at a loss […]

How does a lawyer for whistleblowers help and protect you? We’ll show you how to fight back and stay safe. Under the law, a lawyer for whistleblowers is meant to ensure people feel safe coming forward when bad people are doing bad things. In certain situations, you can file complaints anonymously to help prevent retaliation. […]

When it comes to education, workplace whistleblowing might seem like a more significant risk than it is. Is workplace whistleblowing really protected when it comes to education? The way some administrators run their schools and districts would make you wonder. Just asking for small changes or money for simple repairs can put you on the […]

Put whistleblower laws to work for the common man. Whistleblower laws make it easy for people to come forward when they know trouble is afoot. They also encourage people to bust corruption wide open by offering them protection from retaliation — and the chance to receive a small fortune. How the False Claims Act Encourages […]

Unraveling what Whistleblower Protection Laws mean for you. Whistleblower Protection Laws aren’t as simple as one body of legislation. Federally, over 20 laws address reporting crimes and other wrongdoings. Each state has its own laws governing retaliation and the like. Professional associations have their own methods for managing complaints within their respective industries. Outcomes depend […]