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Can I File a Qui Tam Lawsuit Anonymously

A whistleblower may ask himself “can I file a qui tam lawsuit anonymously”. In fact, the whistleblower must do so, at least at the beginning of the case. The real issue is how strong the anonymity is, and how long it will stay in place. There is no absolute answer to these two questions.  However, there are some […]

whistleblower protection provisions in the false claims act

The whistleblower protection provisions in the False Claims Act make it easier and safer for individuals to come forward to provide evidence of fraud against the federal government. When a whistleblower comes forward, it is almost certain that those responsible for defrauding the government will try to retaliate against them. Several provisions are in place […]

military whistleblower protection act

While many people are familiar with the Federal Whistleblower Protection Act, fewer are familiar with the Military Whistleblower Protection Act. Despite this, it is hugely important and influential in whistleblowing in the United States. Its protections have been vital to many cases of unethical and illegal conduct in the military. Without the Act, some of […]

federal whistleblower protection act

The Federal Whistleblower Protection Act was a landmark piece of legislation in the history of government whistleblowing. It provided new protections for those employed by the government that “blew the whistle” (reported) on various illegal and immoral acts committed by other government employees. Before this Federal Whistleblower Protection Act passed in 1989, there were relatively […]

FCA Whistleblower Protection

Are you looking for more information about FCA whistleblower protection? Becoming a whistleblower can be frightening. You know something is very wrong and you know you must report it, but what about your job? What about your income? Fortunately, you’re backed up by FCA whistleblower protection. How Does FCA Whistleblower Protection Affect You? The top […]

Whistleblower Protection Program

Have you ever thought of the whistleblower protection program as being like the Witness Protection Program? You’ve seen it in the movies: A guy goes to court and spills the beans on the big mob boss. Uncle Sam sets the witness up with a new life. The result is a name change, move across the […]