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Do You Have Evidence of a Georgia Fraudulent Act Against the Government Involving Defective Medical Devices? You Need a Roswell Medical Fraud Lawyer Today

Individuals, healthcare facilities, and other companies who collect funds from the government but deliver defective medical devices instead of what the government contracted for are some of the most dangerous kinds of government fraud cheats there are. If you have evidence of a Georgia fraudulent act against the government involving defective medical devices, protect your rights and interests by consulting with a Roswell medical fraud lawyer today.

As the population ages, many Medicare patients begin to develop problems with cognitive skills and once-alert patients oftentimes don’t notice when healthcare providers begin to administer sub-standard care. They are easy targets for slick substitutions, such as a person with hearing skills who wouldn’t know that the reason he still can’t hear isn’t because his hearing is worsening but because he has a defective hearing aid that was billed to Medicare. Roswell Medicare fraud attorney, Mike Bothwell, knows that while one defective hearing aid might be easy to ignore, manufacturers who ship out millions of these products to hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other facilities are profiting while others suffer needlessly.

Choose a Roswell Whistleblower Lawyer with an Exclusive Practice in False Claims Act Law

Defective medical devices, such as heart valves or joint replacement devices, can cause serious harm and defective diagnostic equipment such as X-ray and other imaging machines may cause misdiagnosis that leads to wrongful death. Whistleblowers must meet certain requirements in order to bring a qui tam (representing government interests) lawsuit and should follow the advice from their Georgia litigation attorney to avoid disqualification or failure to meet standards.

It is wise to seek counsel from a Roswell whistleblower lawyer with an exclusive practice in whistleblower law and a lengthy history of litigating whistleblower law. The sole focus in one area ensures up-to-date False Claims Act knowledge, undistracted attention, and experienced counsel. Bothwell Law Group’s False Claims Act qui tam litigation attorney in Roswell Georgia, Mike Bothwell, meets that criteria and his record of successful high dollar settlements prove that he knows how to win whistleblower complaint cases.

Workplace Retaliation? Contact an Educated and Effective Whistleblower Help Lawyer Roswell Georgia

Georgia whistleblowers should use extreme caution when coming forward with original and specific evidence of a fraudulent act against the government that involves defective medical devices or equipment. Workplace retaliation can have a profound effect on whistleblowers and their families, but with careful selection of a well-respected Georgia workplace retaliation attorney, the end result will not only save the taxpayers money, whistleblowers will be compensated with a portion of the damages recovered. Contact a Bothwell Law Group whistleblower help lawyer Roswell Georgia for educated and effective guidance.