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false claims act attorney

false claims act attorneyIf you want to file a whistleblower lawsuit, choosing the right false claims act attorney is an important part of the process. If you have knowledge of fraud being committed against the government, you can file a false claims, or qui tam, lawsuit.

As a citizen, the False Claims Act gives you the power to file false claims lawsuits on behalf of the government. Not only does the False Claims Act give you the right to sue a fraudster, it protects you from any possible retaliation that may result from the lawsuit. Additionally, the person who has filed the lawsuit may be rewarded if the government decides to pursue the case.

Don’t Choose Just Any False Claims Act Attorney

The false claims act attorney you choose could be the determining factor of your success in false claims court. Because the government could reward you up to 25 percent of the money recovered in the case, you want to choose an attorney who is experienced and equipped to handle your case. There are four things you should be looking for before hiring a false claims act attorney:

  1. Choose a False Claims Act attorney with experience.

    The False Claims Act is complicated, and there are many factors playing a role in the process of filing a qui tam lawsuit. The reward statue of the False Claims Act is especially complicated. Because of these, we suggest you hire an attorney who has extensive experience filing False Claims lawsuits.

  1. Choose a False Claims Act attorney with connections.

    False Claims lawsuits require extensive communication between the False Claims Act Attorney and the attorneys working with the government. Because of this, it is especially beneficial if the attorney you hire has already established strong relationships with these attorneys through previous work or lawsuits.

  1. Choose a False Claims Act attorney who is honest and straightforward.

    Only a portion of qui tam lawsuits are accepted by the government. The attorney you have chosen for your case should be knowledgeable enough to see if your case has a chance of being further pursued by the government. Additionally, your attorney should be honest with you about how strong your case is. Because of this, it is important you choose an attorney who has a reputation for being straightforward and honest with their clients.

  1. Choose a False Claims Act attorney who values open communication.

    A False Claims Act lawsuit can take as much as three years to complete. These lawsuits require extensive conversations between you and your attorney, as well as between your attorney and the attorneys working for the government on your case. Because of this, it is important to choose an attorney who communicates openly and reliably with you.

Bothwell Law Group attorneys have a combined 30 years of experiencing filing False Claims Act lawsuit. Contact our skilled false claims act attorneys at Bothwell Law Group by calling 770.643.1606 today.

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