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State False Claims Acts

State False Claims ActsState False Claims Acts vary from state to state. It’s critical to have an attorney who knows how they work to help you get the proper rewards. Without this attorney, you may feel very overwhelmed and maybe even a little lost.

Most things in life have lessons to learn and important things to know to do them in the best possible way. Babies are like that. When you bring that tiny little bundle home for the first time, it’s easy to be panic stricken over all the important things you don’t know.

State False Claims Acts are a lot like the first day with your new baby. There are a few critical things to remember. Your state’s False Claims Acts attorney will handle the rest.

Different states’ False Claims Acts are going to be different. You need to understand the most important factors stay the same. Having an attorney who knows those important factors will help you build a strong case against the fraudulent crime committed against your state government.

What Are State False Claims Acts?

The most important thing to know about state False Claims Act cases is every state has different types of False Claims Act cases they handle. Not every state handles every kind of False Claims Act fraud.

State False Claims Acts laws were created to bring suit on behalf of state governments when fraud takes place.  In response, the government allows the whistleblower part of the money recovered in court, called the reward.

At first, whistleblower or False Claims Act claims could only be filed on behalf of the federal government. Unfortunately, fraud is also committed against state agencies as well. Now people who notify their state government of fraud, known as relators, are eligible for rewards and protections as well.

Why Do I Need a State False Claims Acts Attorney?

False Claims Act cases are complicated. They must follow an exact strategy, or the government will not advocate for the case. Your chance of a successful lawsuit is increased mightily when the government steps in. Stepping in or intervening means the state decides a crime is happening. An experienced attorney knows how to structure the complaint to persuade the government to take the lead.

When state funds are stolen through fraud, your attorney needs to know how the specifics of your state laws function. Not every state has False Claims Act laws. In the states that do have them, the details can vary a lot. One of the biggest differences between states is many of them only allow False Claims Act suits for particular types of fraud.

Why Are the States Involved in False Claims Acts?

Fraudulent claims against Medicaid are some of the most common types of False Claims Acts against states. Almost every state has provision for these kinds of suits. State funding for Medicaid comes from the federal government. Because of this transfer of funding, states need to take on the responsibility to investigate fraud.

In 2006, the Deficit Reduction Act was enacted. This act contained incentives for states to create anti-fraud legislation fashioned after the federal False Claims Act. Although many states created legislation, it is usually not modeled on the federal laws.

State administrators are the primary party responsible for preventing fraud against Medicaid. But, unless their state laws changed to follow the federal laws, they are no longer eligible for any financial incentives. It isn’t a new tradition for the state to oversee fraud. The federal government should be in an overseer position and has been for decades. The federal government encourages states to work as hard as possible to search out fraud. They offer financial incentives to this end.

Unfortunately, the instances of fraud are not always readily apparent due to the sheer numbers of Medicaid cases requiring monitoring. Because of this, frauds against state Medicaid take place unfettered. By bringing the information to a state False Claims Act attorney, you can prepare a case for your state Attorney General. If the state intervenes on your behalf, they will conduct the anonymous investigation and the court action. You will receive a portion of any money recovered.

At Bothwell Law Group, we have lawyers trained and experienced in state False Claims Act cases. We will sit down with you and discuss the potential of your case. Our attorneys will direct you toward the type of evidence needed to file a case. They will provide support every step of the way. You’ll find your fears will fade as our attorneys come alongside and handle the details for you.

The law says your employer cannot retaliate against you. Our attorneys will help you protect your rights. Contact our legal team at Bothwell Law Group online today to learn more about State False Claims Acts.

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