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Georgia Whistleblower Protection Lawyers’ Successful Recovery as Orthopedic Clinics Settle False Claims Act Allegations

The team of professional Georgia whistleblower protection lawyers at Bothwell Law Group congratulate the United States and the states of Tennessee and Virginia on their successful $1.8 million settlement for healthcare fraud under the False Claims Act. Bothwell Law Group’s false claims lawyers represented the client who brought the case when he saw firsthand that patients were receiving injections of foreign-made, non-FDA approved biologics.

Bothwell Law Group False Claims Act Lawyer Announces Taylor Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Settlement

A Bothwell Law Group False Claims Act lawyer has announced the conclusion of its clients’ seven-year long civil False Claims Act case against mortgage giants Taylor Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corporation (TBW) and Home America Mortgage, Inc.

Stopping government fraud in its tracks protects the American taxpayer against waste.

A GA Whistleblower Claims Attorney Shares Related Links

The GA whistleblower claims attorneys at Bothwell Law Group work hard to educate clients and freely share our vast knowledge in the False Claims Act field. We encourage you to explore the related links found below:

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