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Qui Tam Attorneys

Qui Tam AttorneysQui tam attorneys offer invaluable consultation and representation to whistleblowers. A whistleblower is anyone who reports illegal activity occurring in an organization. In contrast to the disgruntled employee who attempts to discredit a company by spreading rumors, the whistleblower has hard evidence to support his or her claims. While some alarm sounders in past times have been former employees of an organization, a whistleblower can be anyone with facts.

When considering the various sub-divisions within the overarching field of whistleblower law, qui tam justice emerges as one division. But just what is this area of law, and is it any different from whistleblowing?

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have regarding qui tam attorneys:

What Is Qui Tam Law?

Qui tam is a division of whistleblower law that specifically seeks to protect the government from fraud. The area covers various government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, and protects individuals who report deception to the government.

Can You Give an Example of Qui Tam Law?

Individuals who reap the benefits of Medicaid when they can pay for personal insurance defraud the government by withholding information about their income. They report gross earnings that are well below the poverty line to qualify for Medicaid all while bringing in wages that can fully support their way of life. These individuals may just claim Medicaid, or they may take things a step further by using the income reported to qualify for other government funded programs. Reporting such activity to the proper authorities would fall under qui tam law since government programs are involved.

How Does a Successful Qui Tam Case Impact the Economy?

The government spends billions of dollars every year on programs that suffer from extortion. Your willingness to blow the whistle on such illegal practices keeps money in the system.   This allows the government to fund other efforts that would ordinarily go on the back burner due to low capital.

In What Way Is the Whistleblower Protected in a Qui Tam Case?

The False Claims Act serves as a shield for those who place their reputation on the line for reporting fraud. According to the statute, whistleblowers are to be rewarded in instances where their tip allowed the government to recover some or all of funds lost. Experienced qui tam attorneys ensure their clients receive what is due regarding payment.

What Else Does the False Claims Act Do?

The regulation gives any citizen the right to report fraud.  Whether or not the citizen has a direct affiliation with the company or person committing the act, he or she can file a fraud report.  The law also ensures that suits are “under seal”.  This means the whistleblower can remain completely anonymous throughout the investigation process. Cases are usually “under seal” for 60 days but typically there is an extension by a judge who gives the government time to partner with qui tam attorneys and look into the matter.

How Does a Qui Tam Case Come to a Resolution?

Just as with an ordinary whistleblower case, all evidence is weighed to determine whether or not there is a crime. The government takes action against the company or person responsible and rewards the whistleblower if there has been a violation. The government will not provide payment to the alarm sounder if it determines the evidence is not substantial or factual.

Bothwell Law Group protects whistleblowers and brings fraudsters to justice. Call us to learn more about qui tam law and our qui tam attorneys online.

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