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Qui Tam Complaint

Qui Tam ComplaintWhen you consider filing a qui tam complaint, there are many things to take into consideration in order to increase your chances of a successful lawsuit. Your reward for filing the complaint depends on the outcome of the case. So, it is important you understand the process to avoid missing out on the reward you deserve as a whistle blower.

Here are the top 5 tips for filing a qui tam complaint:

#1. Move Quickly to File a Qui Tam Complaint after Becoming Aware of Fraud

Whistle Blowers are only rewarded if they are the first person to come forward with the details of a specific fraud. Because of this, it is important you quickly report the fraud as soon as you have evidence that the crime was committed.

In addition to being the first to file a qui tam complaint, there is a statute of limitations in place for qui tam lawsuits. Typically, you must file a suit within six years of the fraud’s commission. Special circumstances do exist where the statute of limitations may increase to ten years. However, we still believe you should move as quickly as possible.

#2. Keep the Details of Your Claim Private

Until the government has completed their investigation, the details of a qui tam lawsuit remain sealed. This means, you are expected to keep the details to yourself. Choose to disclose information concerning your suit with the public or post about it online? You could harm your lawsuit and risk your chance at a reward.

#3. Work with Your Lawyer to Understand the Court System

You can file a qui tam lawsuit in any number of jurisdictions. Because of this, you can work with your lawyer to carefully select the appropriate court for filing your lawsuit.

#4. Collect as Much Evidence as Possible

The reward you collect is dependent on your lawyer’s ability to prove the occurrence of fraud. In a court system where innocent until proven guilty is the guiding rule, evidence is key to winning a lawsuit. When you become aware of fraud, collect physical evidence of the fraud for your qui tam complaint to increase your chance of a successful suit.

#5. Choose Your Attorney Carefully

Filing a qui tam lawsuit is no simple task. The False Claims Act is a complicated law, and understanding the ins and outs of filling a lawsuit requires experience and extensive knowledge of the law. Carefully research each attorney before making a choice. Be sure you choose someone who has experience with fraud and a reputation for winning qui tam lawsuits.

Our team at Bothwell Law Group is experienced in whistle blower and qui tam lawsuits in Georgia and the surrounding area. Call 770-643-1606 to find out more about filing a qui tam complaint by contacting Bothwell Law Group online.

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