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Confused About Qui Tam Law? A Georgia Qui Tam Attorney Clears it Up

The Bothwell Law Group qui tam litigation lawyers in Roswell, GA understand that most citizens don’t understand “lawyer-speak”, so if you’re confused about False Claims qui tam law, allow an experienced Georgia qui tam attorney to clear it up and clarify a few terms.

The False Claims Act encourages whistleblowers to come forward with information of fraudulent use of federal, state, and local funds by offering protection from retaliatory action and allows recovery damages. Created after the Civil War, critics at the time, concerned that the statute would be detrimental to the public’s interest, felt that financial gain should not be a factor. Others, including Senator Jacob M. Howard, believed that the financial reward was the fastest means to an end and encouraged whistleblowers to stop protecting the wrongdoers with his or her silence.

Amended in 1986, the qui tam statute was added, allowing private citizens to sue the wrongdoers on behalf of the federal government. Those who bring such False Claims Act lawsuits are entitled to a percentage (capped at 30%) of the damages recovered. In some cases, damages may be doubled or tripled. Legal fees are also recovered.

Experienced Metro Atlanta Whistleblower Help Attorney who Focuses Exclusively on Georgia False Claims Act Qui Tam Lawsuits is a Whistleblower’s Best Ally

An experienced metro Atlanta whistleblower help attorney who focuses exclusively on Georgia False Claims Act qui tam lawsuits is a whistleblower’s best ally. Why? Because our attention is not distracted with other case law.

Bothwell Law Group False Claims Act litigation attorneys in Roswell have a firm understanding of government fraud litigation because we’ve invested decades to the field. We have worked in conjunction with government officials as well as represented individuals in successful litigation/settlement negotiation.

For More Information and Guidance, Seek Out an Experienced Roswell False Claims Act Lawyer

Don’t get stuck with an attorney whose attention is divided. For more information and guidance, seek counsel from an experienced Roswell False Claims Act Lawyer at Bothwell Law Group. Our whistleblower help lawyers focus exclusively on Georgia qui tam False Claims Act cases to maximize your recovery award.

Whistleblower protection from job intimidation, illegal firings, and claims for job reinstatement should always be represented by legal counsel with a strong background in Georgia whistleblower protection law. We help clients tell the truth while protecting their rights and interests. Let us help you.