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Whistleblowers Need a Focused Alabama Qui Tam Lawyer

The False Claims Act qui tam statute extends the right to sue wrongdoers on behalf of the government to ordinary citizens, from co-workers to patients and all points in between. If you know of an individual, government contractor, or corporation misusing local, State, or Federal taxpayer dollars in Alabama, it’s important to consult with a False Claims Act attorney who has a strong background in whistleblower law.

Alabama Qui Tam Lawyer Mike Bothwell focuses solely on whistleblower litigation, also known as qui tam False Claims Act cases, ensuring clients of undivided attention and expert representation. By doing so, clients benefit from his years of expertise and a solid team of field experts who know what to look for and how to present evidence in a way most advantageous to the person bringing claim against wrongdoers.

Alabama Whistleblower Litigation Lawyer

Alabama residents who uncover government fraud should seek out a Roswell whistleblower litigation lawyer to determine if they have a valid claim, but that is only part of the equation. It’s also important to avoid disqualifying yourself from the opportunity to claim a percentage of the damages collected by the court.

Disqualification can result from a number of actions both by the whistleblowers and/or outsiders. Evidence not considered “original”, that is, evidence that has already become public knowledge, is not acceptable and discussing the details (or even the fact that a claim has been filed) while still “Under Seal” (confidential until the government decides whether or not to join the lawsuit) could disqualify your right to claim.

Discussing all options with an experienced False Claims Act lawyer at Bothwell Law Group is a smart move. While you may be undecided about revealing what you know, your procrastination could hurt you. Not only could you miss the Statute of Limitations deadline, if someone else discovers your evidence, they could be “First to File”, making you ineligible to file a claim.

AL Whistleblower Attorney

Filing a qui tam whistleblower lawsuit requires careful attention to detail. Doing so will net you the highest percentage of damage awards possible. We have experience with working with individual clients as well as governmental departments who take an interest in certain cases. We are known as effective, successful Roswell whistleblower protection attorneys, respected by the courts and the government for our thorough and skillful representation. Don’t trust your case to an untried lawyer. Choose someone who knows how to guide you through the process of bringing fraudulent use of government funds to light. Contact a AL Whistleblower Attorney at Bothwell Law Group for a free evaluation of your whistleblower claim.