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Roswell Area North Georgia Qui Tam Lawyer Focuses Exclusively on Qui Tam Litigation

Bothwell Law Group is a Roswell area North Georgia qui tam lawyer that focuses exclusively on qui tam litigation. Because attention is undivided, whistleblowers benefit. More importantly, our decades of experience has allowed us the time to build a solid resource base, supported by experts in individual fields. We’ve honed persuasive arguments and know what it takes to deliver skilled representation.

Qui tam litigants, known as relators, are whistleblowers who are willing to come forward with evidence of fraudulent misuse of local, State, or Federal funds under the False Claims Act. Under the qui tam statute of the Act, ordinary citizens have the right to file suit against wrongdoers on behalf of the government, qualifying them to collect a percentage of the damages recovered.

There is much, however, that can quickly derail a solid case, so Georgia whistleblowers are wise to seek advice from a dedicated north Georgia whistleblower help lawyer who will guide the case and avoid pitfalls.

Avoid These Pitfalls by Consulting With an Atlanta Whistleblower Attorney

Avoid these pitfalls by consulting with an Atlanta whistleblower attorney at Bothwell Law Group:

  1. Revealing evidence while the claim is still “Under Seal”
  2. Basing your claim on evidence not considered “original”
  3. Exceeding the Statute of Limitations
  4. Not being the “First to File”. If someone discovers your evidence or brings action based on their own knowledge before you do, you will lose your right to file. Don’t delay. Even if you are not completely decided, discussing your options with a qualified north Georgia whistleblower protection lawyer will ensure that you’ve explored your claim from every possible angle.
  5. Filing without benefit of legal counsel may disqualify your right to claim

Other pitfalls include job retaliation. While every effort is made to keep a whistleblower’s identity secret, some bosses/co-workers put two and two together and then “punish” the whistleblower by any means, from outright firing or demotion to ridicule and pay cuts. These actions are illegal under the False Claims Act. North Georgia whistleblowers who have suffered on-the-job retaliation should contact a Roswell workplace retaliation protection attorney at Bothwell Law Group. We’ll help you protect your job rights, including those who fail to rehire.

Roswell False Claims Act Lawyer

North Georgia workers, patients, agents, or citizens who know of government waste, abuse, or gross misuse of taxpayer money should contact a Roswell False Claims Act lawyer at Bothwell Law Group quickly to avoid costly errors that may disqualify their right to claim on behalf of the government (qui tam law). Our reputation for skilled, successful litigation is well-respected and carries weight in the courtroom. We offer aggressive, professional, skillful representation in all facets of whistleblower False Claims Act Law. Call today for a free evaluation from a north Georgia qui tam law firm who knows how to win whistleblower litigation cases.