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A Roswell False Claims Act Litigation Lawyer Explains the Qui Tam Statute

Whistleblowers, those who report individual or business misuse of government funds, do so at some risk. The False Claims Act protects whistleblowers from job retaliation and rewards them for exposing the fraudulent use of government funds. The False Claims Act was amended in 1986, adding a qui tam statute, allowing an ordinary citizen (known as a “relator”) to file the lawsuit on the government’s behalf, giving them legal standing for eligibility of a percentage of the recovered funds. Georgia residents should choose a Roswell False Claims Act litigation lawyer with a solid background of successful damage recovery for whistleblowers of government fraud.

Types of Government Fraud:

Some forms of fraud, such as tax frauds and Stark Law violations, are litigated in slightly different ways. Consult with a Roswell whistleblower help lawyer at Bothwell Law Group to determine how best to approach your individual case.

Need Advice? A Roswell Qui Tam Lawyer Guides Your Case to Successful, Maximum Dollar Recovery

There are restrictions. If an individual decides to proceed without benefit of legal counsel, he or she may not bring a qui tam action. A Roswell Qui Tam lawyer at Bothwell Law Group advises whistleblowing clients and draws on a skilled team of experts in the government fraud field to guide each case to a successful, maximum dollar recovery. Our firm focuses exclusively on whistleblower litigation/qui tam cases.

Even with legal representation, a whistleblower is not eligible to use information that is not “original” (information must not be previously known), nor may he or she sue a member of Congress. Once a lawsuit is filed, it is placed “Under Seal” and should not be discussed until the government has decided whether or not to intervene (join) in the lawsuit. Speaking of a fraud case while Under Seal, even hinting at the possibility of a lawsuit, may lead to disqualification, as will exceeding the Statute of Limitations.

The Seal is lifted once the government decides whether or not to join the suit. The Bothwell Law Group qui tam litigation attorneys have a solid history of working in partnership with the government, knowing that such actions have a greater likelihood of successful recovery.

GA Whistleblower Attorney

Choose an attorney who is well respected in the field of litigating/negotiating for the highest possible settlements for individuals. Our exclusive focus on False Claims Act qui tam representation ensures that we will put all our resources and energy in your case. Contact a GA Whistleblower Attorney at Bothwell Law Group and protect your whistleblower rights and interests today.