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Georgia Whistleblowers Benefit from Using an Experienced Metro Atlanta False Claims Act Lawyer Focused Exclusively on Successfully Litigated Qui Tam Verdicts

Georgia whistleblowers benefit from using an experienced metro Atlanta False Claims Act lawyer focused exclusively on successfully litigated qui tam verdicts. Undivided attention not only ensures clients of pinpoint precision, years of experience in a focused field translates into well-honed approaches to negotiation and litigation that result in high dollar settlements. From healthcare kickbacks and other Stark Law violations to Defense Contractor fraud, Roswell whistleblower help attorney Mike Bothwell at Bothwell Law Group is well respected for his reputation for knowledge, success, and aggressive approach.

Roswell Qui Tam Lawyer Mike Bothwell Has a Winning Record for Qui Tam Verdicts

Roswell Qui Tam lawyer Mike Bothwell’s winning record on qui tam verdicts has proven his ability to recover the highest possible settlements for Georgia whistleblowers. Past cases include a $1.8 million settlement for healthcare fraud under the False Claims Act against Orthopedic clinics dispensing injections of foreign-made, non-FDA approved biologics. His ability to work well with the United States Federal Government, as well as the states of Tennessee and Virginia is further proof that decades of experience make the difference.

Mike also understands that some cases may take years to bring to conclusion. When he took on mortgage giants Taylor Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corporation (TBW) and Home America Mortgage, Inc., it took seven years of perseverance to bring the case to successful conclusion.

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Georgia Whistleblower Law Attorney Mike Bothwell Filed One of the First Medicare FCA Cases

Experience and success only come from decades of litigation practice. Georgia whistleblower law attorney Mike Bothwell was there in the beginning by filing one of the first Medicare FCA cases.

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