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qui tam lawyers

qui tam lawyersSince the False Claims Act was amended in 1986, qui tam lawyers are now able to work with ordinary citizens who want to blow the whistle on fraudulent use of government funds. This amendment allows the relator to pursue a portion of the recovered funds as a reward for filing a complaint against the organization or company committing fraud. Also, the law protects relators against retaliation of any kind. The law  equips them to pursue compensation if they are the victims of retaliation as a whistleblower.

There are various types of cases qui tam lawyers handle. Each has its own unique set of circumstances to consider when filing a claim. The qui tam lawyers at Bothwell Law Group can assist you in filing a claim, increasing the chances of you receiving the reward you deserve for your actions.

Continue reading below to learn more about the types of cases handled by qui tam lawyers:

Defense Contracting

First of all, sometimes contractors with the U.S. government falsely report information concerning a product they manufacture for the U.S. military. Or, they may charge the U.S. government for a service, product, or supply they provide the military. Hence, they may be liable in a qui tam lawsuit.

Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

If a healthcare organization is submitting fraudulent claims to Medicaid or Medicare, they may be liable in a qui tam lawsuit. Fraudulent activity could include billing for services not received. Furthermore,  misrepresenting services received, or misdiagnosing a patient to allow for billing of additional services is prohibited.

Unreturned Overpayments

Also, healthcare organizations guilty of failing to return overpayments made by Medicare or Medicaid may be liable in a qui tam lawsuit.

Bid Tampering

In addition, companies contracted to provide services or products to the U.S. government sometimes tamper with or “rig” the bids in the contract. They may be liable in a qui tam lawsuit. Bid-rigging most commonly occurs with companies agreeing in advance among themselves to bid a certain way. Hence, one company will win while the other collects “loser fees.”


Finally, healthcare agencies sometimes bill Medicare or Medicaid for a more serious diagnosis or more expensive procedure. They hope to obtain over payment for an unnecessary service. They may be liable in a qui tam lawsuit. In some cases, this also takes the form of unbundling. Certain medical tests and procedures are typically billed in a bundle. In some cases, healthcare providers will unbundle these procedures in order to obtain further compensation or disguise double billing.

Do you have evidence of defense contracting fraud, Medicare or Medicaid fraud, bid-tampering or any other fraudulent activity? You may have grounds for a qui tam lawsuit. You can learn more about filing a False Claims Act lawsuit. Most of all, if you call 770.643.1606, you can speak with an experienced qui tam lawyer at Bothwell Law Group.

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