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Roswell Securities Fraud Lawyer Knows How to Win GA Investment Fraud & Securities Fraud Lawsuits

Companies, individuals, and other agents, brokers and dealers of individual managed accounts who misrepresent, by false/misleading or incomplete/inadequate, statements and/or financial disclosures, including risk factors, when seeking investment dollars violate The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and take unfair advantage of investors when they suffer losses, costing the country billions of dollars in unnecessary losses. In or out of state or federal court, Roswell securities fraud lawyer, Mike Bothwell, knows how to win Georgia investment fraud and securities fraud lawsuits, determinedly seeking the highest possible settlement.

Whistleblowers that come forward with evidence of deliberate fraudulent activity that violates SEC rules should seek representation from a trusted and respected Roswell financial fraud lawyer because they are entitled to a portion of the damages recovered, including fines and punitive damages, if any. With many cases that settle in the millions, whistleblowers would do well to make a careful selection.

Proving the claim can be a complex process, including giving testimony before a Congressional committee. Specific qualifications must be met and certain behaviors and actions must be adhered to in order to avoid disqualification. The Statute of Limitations runs for two years from day of violation discovery, so it’s important for Georgia whistleblowers to get an early case evaluation from a qualified Roswell whistleblower help lawyer to avoid case dismissal due to Statute of Limitations expiration or other disqualifiers.

GA Securities Fraud Lawyer Focuses His Practice Squarely on Whistleblower Law

Bothwell Law Group GA securities fraud lawyer Mike Bothwell focuses his practice squarely on whistleblower law, representing claimants with original and specific evidence of fraudulent behavior within the investment field. His experience as one of the first attorneys to litigate False Claims Act violations claims and years of practice has allowed him to build a vigorous, knowledgeable, and persuasive whistleblower litigation practice.

Types of Securities Fraud:

  • Sale of unregistered, non-exempt securities
  • Unauthorized trading
  • Registration improprieties
  • Fiduciary Duty violations
  • Failure to disclose risk
  • Failure to disclose “teaser rates”
  • Tarp Fund violations
  • Improper sales practices
  • Kickbacks or other incentive to receive special treatment
  • Misuse of funds by company directors/officers

Roswell investment fraud attorney Mike Bothwell arbitrates, negotiates, and litigates whistleblower complaints under False Claims Act qui tam law.

A Qualified Roswell Investment Fraud Lawyer Who Won’t Leave You High and Dry

Mike’s practice is not distracted by other fields of law, such as personal injury or family law. The Bothwell Law Group team of legal experts and Georgia whistleblower protection lawyer stay by their client’s side, guiding the litigation through discovery, the pretrial process, and for trial, if necessary. His reputation as a tough negotiator during arbitration is an asset when high dollar settlements are being sought.

Whistleblowers with evidence of investment fraud, corruption and illegal activity should contact a Bothwell Law Group Roswell investment fraud lawyer to review documents and discuss legal options.