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How Can a Federal Fraud Whistleblower Attorney Help Me as a Whistleblower?

Federal Fraud Whistleblower Attorney

Federal Fraud Whistleblower AttorneyIf you have information regarding fraudulent crimes against the government, the best thing you can do is hire a federal fraud whistleblower attorney to handle your case. Being represented by a lawyer who has experience and knowledge in federal fraud whistleblowing means they will protect your rights. Having this protection will enable you to relax, knowing you’ve done the right thing without having to pay the price for someone else’s crime.

Bringing evidence of fraud against the federal government is a daunting task, especially when your job is in the mix. When you have a federal fraud whistleblower attorney on your side, it’s like having a protective covering over your steps. You can release all the stress of missing a step or failing to fill out the proper documentation because your attorney knows how to cover every single detail.

Look at it this way. You wouldn’t spend a day at the beach without an umbrella for protection from the blazing sun, would you? Of course not! When you have an attorney who knows every detail of federal fraud whistleblower cases, you’re protected from unforeseen circumstances.

Your Federal Fraud Whistleblower Attorney Is on Your Side

When you bring a fraud case to the attention of the government, it can feel like that is the last decision you make. After all, the government does the investigation to uncover the evidence. The government decides whether the fraud constitutes a crime. They decide if the case has merit and should go to court. Then they decide all the details about how to present the case. It can feel like there is nothing more you can do.

If you have an attorney who knows the ins and outs of whistleblower fraud law, however, you have someone who has a vested interest in your side.  With a lawyer trained in whistleblower law, you can be assured your rights are protected, both at your job and in the court proceedings. In fact, should the government decide not to bring a court case forward, your attorney can help you decide if you should move forward on your own.

Your Federal Fraud Whistleblower Attorney Can Protect Your Job

Federal law protects whistleblowers’ jobs. In 1989, whistleblower laws were amended to provide protection to employees who inform the government about illegal fraud practices. Although there are laws in place to protect against loss of employment as well as harassment in the form of promotion denials, denials of wage increases and many other aspects of employment, these unfair and illegal practices still happen frequently.

Having an attorney who knows the law and how to enforce it could be one of the best reasons for hiring a federal fraud whistleblower attorney. Most of us have no idea how many protection laws are in place to safeguard the whistleblower’s job, earnings, and benefits. With the right attorney, you could make sure you receive two times any back pay, plus interest if you are let go or demoted for whistleblowing. You can also get your seniority status reinstated as a matter of law if you return to your position.

Your Federal Fraud Whistleblower Attorney Can Protect Your Freedom

If you are aware of fraud concerning Medicare and Medicaid, and you do NOT disclose the fraud, you could be looking at some legal consequences of your own. Known as “failure to disclose,” this law states that failing to report health care program fraud is a crime in itself. By contacting an attorney who knows the details of this and other whistleblower laws, you know you have someone who is going to protect you legally from the first step of disclosure all the way through to the resolution of the case.

The penalties for failure to disclose unlawful Medicare or Medicaid payments or overcharges are highest for the provider who receives the fees and doesn’t inform the government. That provider is committing a felony and can face a fine up to $25,000 as well as prison time for as long as five years. While the penalties for an employee are much lower fines and a misdemeanor offense, you can be prosecuted for not sharing what you know.

If you are aware of fraudulent business practices that are stealing money from the government, you need to make sure you get representation to both protect and reward you for the risk in reporting it. You need a federal fraud whistleblower attorney to work alongside you to win your case. Contact our team of skilled federal fraud whistleblower attorneys at Bothwell Law Group by calling 770.643.1606 today.

What a Business Fraud Lawyer Can Do For You

Business Fraud Lawyer

Business Fraud LawyerBusiness fraud refers to a number of business practices that are deceitful and unlawful. Acts of fraud range from businesses using accounting practices that disguise their profits from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and to mislead investors to advertising non-existent features of a product to increase its sales potential. Some businesses have been found to use business and corporate funds for their own private enjoyment. Some of these cases make the news and involve prominent figures.

Business fraud has been broadly defined as when a “person or business intentionally deceives another with promises of goods, services, or financial benefits that do not exist, were never intended to be provided, or were misrepresented.”  Unfortunately, business fraud affects everyone. If you have been a victim of any of the following, a business fraud lawyer may be able to help.

  • Billed for services not received.
  • Billed for products not ordered.
  • Been overcharged for products or services.
  • Using a product that appeared safe when the manufacturer knew there were dangers to the use but kept those dangers secret.

The list could go on and on. There are certain elements you must prove in order to collect damages for the fraudulent acts of a business.

A business fraud lawyer will evaluate your situation and determine if you have a legal case

There are five things you must prove in order to win a business fraud case:

  • There was a false representation of fact.
  • The representation was made by a representative of the company or the company itself.
  • The person making the false representation knew at the time the representation was false.
  • The false statement was made for the purpose of inducing you to act or not act based on the content of the statement.
  • You suffered damages by relying on the false statement by acting or refraining from acting.

The false representations are not required to be made orally or in writing. A gesture, nod of the head or failure to provide information can all amount to an intentionally false or misleading statement.

It may seem easy to you. You simply know the business representative knew what he or she was telling you was false. The difficult thing to prove is that the person acted intentionally to deceive you and induce you to act. An experienced business fraud lawyer will know the questions to ask and information to obtain in order to prove business fraud occurred and the damages to which you are entitled to as a result.

If you believe you have been the victim of business fraud, or work for a company that engages in business fraud practices, contact a business fraud lawyer who will review the facts of your case and help you decide what to do next.