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When aN employer learns that you have blown the whistle, either internally or to the Government, it may retaliate against you in various ways.

LEARN HOW TO Protect Your Workplace Rights

If your Georgia employer has discovered that you’ve reported fraudulent use of government funds, job retaliation may be the first reaction. If this happens to you, don’t hesitate to contact a Roswell whistleblower protection lawyer who will protect your workplace rights.

The False Claims Act and other whistleblower statutes offer protections that allow a whistleblower to feel more confident in reporting the fraud, with the knowledge that if the employer does retaliate against them, they may be compensated for their loss.

Roswell False Claims Act attorney Mike Bothwell will take immediate action to stop the abuse and restore your workplace rights while negotiating the highest possible settlement in your favor.

Not Sure How to Proceed After Workplace Retaliation in the Metro Atlanta Area? Roswell Whistleblower Help Lawyer Mike Bothwell Will Guide Your Case

Oftentimes, whistleblowers are unsure about how to proceed after suffering workplace retaliation in the metro Atlanta area. Roswell whistleblower help lawyer Mike Bothwell and his team of job protection experts will guide your case, including putting a stop to a number of retaliatory moves made by an employer, owner, co-workers, managers, and others.

Although the most frequent and severe act of retaliation is termination of the whistleblower’s employment, other examples of retaliation include:

  • Demotion
  • Transfer
  • Pay cuts
  • Removal of job responsibilities
  • Removal of access (particular to information and documents relevant to their fraud allegations)
  • Verbal harassment or threats
  • Denial of Benefits
  • Failure to Hire or Rehire

If you’ve endured workplace retaliation because you’ve come forward with original information that exposes fraudulent use of taxpayer dollars in Georgia, consult with a whistleblower retaliation attorney at Bothwell Law Group as soon as possible.

Choose a GA Qui Tam Lawyer Who Focuses Exclusively on Whistleblower Law

Whistleblowers should choose a Georgia qui tam lawyer who focuses exclusively on whistleblower law to ensure they’re getting an attorney who will give his undivided attention to your claim. Experience counts. By focusing only on False Claims Act, Qui Tam, and Stark Law violations, we’ve developed a solid relationship with experts in the field and respect with the government officials that step in to co-litigate.

Most courts do not expect you to know the nuances of fraud litigation, so even if you ultimately do not have a qui tam suit, you may still have a legitimate whistleblower retaliation lawsuit. If you believe you were retaliated against for whistleblowing, it is important that you call or click and speak to one of our Roswell whistleblower attorneys.

For further information, review our list of Common Whistleblower Concerns and the Retaliation FAQ.

“Any employee… shall be entitled to all relief necessary to make that employee… whole, if that employee… is discharged, demoted, suspended, threatened, harassed, or in any other manner discriminated against in the terms and conditions of employment because of lawful acts done by the employee… or associated others in furtherance of an action under [the False Claims Act] or other efforts to stop 1 or more violations of [the False Claims Act].” 31 U.S.C. § 3730(h)(1).