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whistleblower legislation

whistleblower legislationMoving forward with whistleblower legislation is big step, especially if you have never reported fraudulent activity before. Do you have knowledge of illegal, fraudulent, or neglectful activity by an individual or organization receiving government funds? You can report misconduct under whistle blower legislation.

Who Can Report Misconduct under Whistleblower Legislation?

The False Claim Act makes is possible for individuals who are aware of illegal, abusive, or unsafe practices to file a lawsuit. By reporting the fraud, whistleblowers can play a crucial role in recovering funds obtained through fraudulent activity. Therefore, the law allows anyone to report misconduct, including:

  • Private citizens who have evidence of misconduct
  • Government employees who have evidence of misconduct
  • Military members who have evidence of defense contractor fraud
  • Employees of contractors who receive government funds, and
  • Finally, employees of physicians or healthcare organizations who receive government funds.

How Can I Report Misconduct under Whistleblower Legislation?

There are two specific ways someone with knowledge of misconduct can become a whistleblower. First, you can report fraud by offering an anonymous tip to the organization responsible for whistleblowing in your state. When you call, you will need to offer detailed information concerning the service that was being provided. You will also need to provide evidence of the fraud and name the person responsible for the fraud.

Second, you can file a complaint under whistleblower legislation. The whistleblower law makes it possible for individuals with knowledge of fraud to file a lawsuit on behalf of the United States government. With the help of an experienced whistleblower attorney, you can share the evidence you have obtained and aid in the recovery of illegally obtained government funds.

Will I Be Rewarded for Reporting Misconduct under Whistleblower Legislation?

Becoming a whistleblower is a sacrifice. You are protected from retaliation under the law. However, your reputation and relationships in your workplace may suffer after you report fraud by your employer. Therefore, as a reward for doing the right thing, you may receive as much as 30 percent of the recovered government funds.

How to Hire a Whistleblower Law Attorney

When you hire a lawyer who has experience filing lawsuits under the False Claims Act, they will guide you through every step of the lawsuit. Experienced lawyers can help you gather your evidence against the fraudster. Also, they understand the steps to take to protect you against retaliation. Furthermore, a skilled attorney will increase the likelihood of receiving the reward you deserve for assisting the recovery of government funds.

If you feel you have grounds for reporting suspected fraud, you can report misconduct with the help a skilled attorney. Contact the experienced whistleblower legislation attorneys at Bothwell Law Group by calling 770.643.1606 today.

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