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Wondering if the Information You Have on Fraudulent Use of Government Funds in Georgia Qualifies for the Whistleblower False Claims Act? Ask an Experienced Atlanta False Claims Lawyer.

Do you have evidence of fraudulent use of government funds in Georgia? Are you ready to step forward, but wondering if you can remain anonymous? Perhaps you have knowledge of improper receipt of funds, retention of overpayments, fraudulent billing, or other illegal practices. You may not be sure that you even have a case. Don’t guess. Consult with an experienced Atlanta false claims lawyer to discuss your options before talking with anyone else.

Examples of Fraudulent Use of Government Funds:

If you know of illegal practices involving government funds in Georgia, Atlanta whistleblower protection attorneys at Bothwell Law Group will protect your interests.

Whistleblower Claim Eligibility/Validity Can be Confusing. Consult an Experienced Georgia Fraud Lawyer Who Specializes in Whistleblower Claims

Seeking advice from an experienced Georgia Fraud Lawyer protects you from making a mistake, such as using information that is already public knowledge or violating “under seal” requirements. In addition to evaluating your case, Atlanta whistleblower lawyers at Bothwell Law Group will advise you regarding cautions about posting on social media or telling friends and co-workers.

Do not discuss the fact that you are considering a lawsuit with co-workers, managers, or bosses, who will pressure you to drop your claim and may retaliate against you. Discussing the case with others may disqualify your claim if it is “under seal”, which requires confidentiality until the government has evaluated the facts in your claim.

If You Have Uncovered Fraudulent Use of Government Funds in Georgia, Choose an Experienced Atlanta Whistleblower Help Lawyer

A Bothwell Law Group Atlanta whistleblower help lawyer has the skill and experience you need when coming forward with proof of fraudulent use of government funds in Georgia and will use it to your benefit. We fight for your just reward and protect your interests. Over the years, we have built an expert panel of government fraud experts who know how to effectively analyze your evidence. Our experienced qui tam attorneys are skilled at presenting the evidence in ways that net you the highest settlement possible.

Misuse of Georgia government funds burdens all taxpayers. It’s important to file and present your evidence correctly. Don’t risk losing your job and your rights by using an unproven lawyer. Seek help from an experienced Atlanta whistleblower litigation attorney at Bothwell Law Group to discuss the protections and rewards due you.