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A Georgia Defense Contractor Fraud Lawyer Protects Those Who Report Government Job Violations

A Georgia Defense Contractor Fraud Lawyer Protects Those Who Report Government Job Violations

When an employer commits government defense contract fraud, taxpayer dollars are not only being misused, but oftentimes, the very lives of our military men and women are at stake. Georgia workers may have a case under the False Claims Act. If you know of such violations, you need to discuss your case first with an Atlanta government military defense contract fraud Lawyer at Bothwell Law Group.

Concerned that you’ll lose your job on a federal or state military/defense project if you complain of violations of federal and/or state law? A Georgia defense contractor fraud lawyer protects those who report acts of government fraud.

Did You Suffer Job Retaliation in Georgia Because You Told the Truth? An Atlanta Government Fraud Attorney Will Protect Your Rights and Interests

Job retaliation is a very real concern. Georgia employees, sub-contractors, and others depend on their government contracts the same way any other worker would. It takes courage to step forward, but it is foolish to do so without the guidance of a skilled Atlanta workplace intimidation help attorney.

If you’re considering filing a False Claims Act lawsuit in Georgia, protect your rights and interests by hiring an experienced Atlanta government fraud attorney. Outright firing is one form of retaliation, but there are other ways wrong-doing employers seek revenge.

A GA FCA Lawyer Protects Those Who Report Violations

In the past, this has also included endangering lives of employees working on government projects overseas by intentionally misleading or sending the worker into known danger without proper protection. Retaliation can take many forms: pulling out on living accommodations agreements leaving overseas workers stranded, harboring an environment of sexual harassment, deliberately exposing workers to known hazards, and other acts of revenge can and have happened.

Additionally, OSHA provides Georgia whistleblowing employees seventeen statutes to protect their rights against discrimination, as well as safety and/or health hazards.

Employers sometimes order their employees to engage in fraudulent practices. If the worker does not report it, other lives may be endangered. Substituting parts or using sub-standard materials for parts can mean death for innocent victims and disregard for workplace safety puts contract workers in danger. A skilled, experienced GA FCA Lawyer at Bothwell Law Group protects Georgia government whistleblowers who report OSHA violations.

Contact us right away if you have evidence of:

  • Kickbacks (financial reward for overcharges or award of contract)
  • Substitution of Approved Parts/Materials
  • Substandard Materials Used
  • Improper Billing
  • Inflated Costs or Charges
  • Falsification of Records
  • Workplace Safety Violations
  • Bribery
  • Fixed Bids
  • Other Defense Contract Violations

If you have evidence proving that the company you work for is providing substandard goods or services, engaging in improper billing, or inflating costs or charges, contact an Atlanta qui tam litigation lawyer at Bothwell Law Group for a free evaluation of your government fraud lawsuit to discuss the advantages and disadvantages you may face.