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Have Questions About Coming Forward With Evidence of DOT Fraud? A Georgia Government Fraud Attorney Has Answers

The federal and state departments of transportation regularly contract with private companies for the building and maintenance of roads and bridges.

But that doesn’t mean taxpayer dollars are always used correctly. If you have questions about coming forward with evidence of DOT fraud, a Georgia government fraud attorney can help.

Georgia workers and other employees in the private sector who work for companies that contract with federal or state Department of Transportation divisions may have a right to file a qui tam claim under the False Claims Act (FCA). If you are a government employee, you also have added protections under the Georgia Whistleblower Act (GWA), which expressly protects workplace rights. Additionally, OSHA statutes protect whistleblower who expose discrimination, safety, health or other workplace violations.

A qualified Bothwell Law Group Roswell FCA lawyer will evaluate your claim, determine your eligibility to claim, and step you through the entire process, as well as advising you on how to avoid disqualification.

Is Your Boss Retaliating Against You for Reporting Fraudulent Use of Georgia Department of Transportation Funds? A Metro Atlanta Whistleblower Attorney Will Protect You

On the job retaliation can be discouraging. Pay cuts, demotions, unwanted transfers, benefits denial, and other acts of punishment are prohibited under False Claims Act law. Mike Bothwell, a Roswell Georgia government contract fraud whistleblower attorney not only evaluates, files, guides, and concludes claims of fraudulent practices, he protects workers’ rights, forcing superiors to reinstate employment or cease engaging in punitive acts in retaliation of whistleblower exposure.

If your boss is retaliating against you for reporting fraudulent use of Georgia Department of Transportation funds, a metro Atlanta whistleblower attorney will protect your interests while filing a qui tam lawsuit.

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If you are aware of any fraud in conjunction with these contracts, such as any of the following, please contact a Roswell whistleblower protection lawyer at Bothwell Law Group:

  • The contractor misled the DOT as to its qualifications in order to receive the contract
  • The contractor provided false estimates as to the cost of the work
  • The contractor applied funds from this contract to other contracts
  • The contractor overcharged the DOT for the work
  • The contractor lied about meeting the requirements of the contract
  • The contractor built the road or bridge with substandard materials and lied about it
  • The contractor failed to meet federal and state regulations in the building process

These are just some possible claims to arise out of a government-funded contract; there are an endless number of possibilities. Don’t hesitate to contact a Roswell Fraud Lawyer at Bothwell Law Group to let us provide you with a free evaluation.