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Our government depends on whistleblowers to help fight Department of Veterans Affairs fraud.

If You’ve Uncovered Department of Veterans Affairs Fraud, An Atlanta Fraud Litigation Lawyer Can Help

Concerns have grown over the last few years regarding the VA’s ability to treat our soldiers, both past and present, to the level of medical care that is promised to them. Stories of delays, cover-ups of malpractice, on-going deliberate disregard for rules, and dangerous working conditions that are ignored, fill news broadcasts. Without whistleblowers, these practices could and would continue, causing unnecessary hardship, and many times, death. If you’ve uncovered Department of Veterans Affairs fraud, an Atlanta fraud litigation lawyer from Bothwell Law Group can help.

Need to Report a Case of GA Department of Veterans Affairs Fraud? Consider all Options With an Atlanta VA Fraud Lawyer

Our government depends on whistleblowers to help fight Department of Veterans Affairs fraud. Without insider testimony, some abuses would never be revealed. There are rights and remedies under federal and state law against retaliation for disclosing evidence of fraudulent use of VA funds. Georgia whistleblowers can protect their rights on the job by consulting a qualified Atlanta workplace retaliation lawyer.

Employees, sub-contractors, and other entities hired by VA contractors or grantees are protected under The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 and can file their claim without revealing their identity. Confidentiality, however, must meet certain guidelines and does not ensure immunity if the whistleblower participated in the fraud. Approaching a whistleblower case requires careful consideration, so seek advice from a qualified Atlanta VA whistleblower protection lawyer.

Examples of Fraudulent Use of Department of Veteran Affairs Funds:

  • Kickbacks/Illegal Gratuities
  • Misuse of Government Vehicles
  • Falsifying Government Records
  • Excessive/Fraudulent Charges
  • Improper Receipt of Benefits
  • Personnel Fraud
  • VA Employee Fraud
  • Gross Waste
  • Improper Contract Award Practices
  • Concealment
  • Failure to Perform as Contracted
  • False Billing
  • Abuse of Authority
  • Endangering Public Health or Safety
  • Deliberate Waste of Taxpayer Dollars Set Aside for Veterans
  • Contract Fraud
  • Healthcare Service Fraud

If you need to report a case of Department of Veterans Affairs Fraud, an Atlanta VA fraud lawyer at Bothwell Law Group will thoroughly and aggressively pursue a settlement in your favor.

Contact A GA Whistleblower Litigation Lawyer

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) rewards whistleblowers whose evidence/testimony results in a felony conviction of fraudulent use of Veterans Affairs funds. Additionally, whistleblowers who observe all responsibilities, such as providing “original source” evidence, honoring the terms of filing under seal, etc. are entitled to an award of a portion of the lawsuit. Oftentimes, government fraud can reach into the millions and settlement awards are generous. Don’t make a foolish mistake simply because you were unaware of the rules. Contact a GA whistleblower litigation lawyer at Bothwell Law Group to talk about your options, concerns, rights, and obligations.