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Submitting a False or Misleading Revenue Statement to Fraudulently Obtain Government Funds Hurts Taxpayers. An Experienced Roswell Whistleblower Attorney Can Help

Individuals and companies in Georgia who submit false or misleading revenue statements in order to enrich themselves at the public’s expense are oftentimes only stopped because of the bravery shown by whistleblowers that come forward with original and specific evidence of wrongdoing. If they are wise, they’ll do so with the legal representation of a qualified Georgia tax fraud lawyer. Determining whether a tax fraud claim qualifies as a violation of Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006 IRS Whistleblower Program IRC Section 7623(b) is a complex process.

Evidence must be evaluated and other qualifications must be met, such as determining whether it contains enough specifics to qualify and whether your evidence is public knowledge or not. Roswell whistleblower attorney Mike Bothwell was one of the first attorneys to litigate cases under the False Claims Act (FCA) and has first-hand knowledge of how the process proceeds through the system.

Roswell Tax Fraud Attorney Mike Bothwell

Why does it matter that you retain a Roswell IRS whistleblower lawyer with a strong background in FCA law? It matters because at different stages, you may be vulnerable to actions that could disqualify your right to claim as a Relator (the person bringing the lawsuit) in a qui tam (on behalf of the government) lawsuit. Additionally, the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006 requires slightly different qualifications that must be met for claims of false or misleading revenue statements. Mike Bothwell, tax fraud attorney and FCA expert, helps whistleblowers avoid making small mistakes that result in unhappy consequences.

Oh, the Tricks Wrongdoers Pull When Making a False or Misleading Revenue Statement. For a Complete Overview, Contact Mike Bothwell, Roswell Tax Whistleblower Attorney

Tax evasion through falsified or misleading revenue statements is unfair to all Georgia taxpayers. Those who stop the fraud are rewarded. Unfortunately, just as one group is stopped by Bothwell Law Group, a qui tam law firm in Roswell Georgia, another will think up new ways to defraud the government.

Examples of types false or misleading revenue statements:

  • Under reporting income
  • Non-disclosure of income or interest
  • Falsifying records
  • Bloating expenses
  • Falsifying dependents
  • Submitting phony invoices
  • Keeping multiple books
  • Poor record keeping
  • Retention of overpayment
  • Offshore accounts
  • Identity theft

For a complete overview of the different ways tax cheats have manipulated returns and reports to submit a false or misleading revenue statement, the validity of the claim you wish to file, and what you need to do to qualify for and keep from being disqualified from an IRS whistleblower program, contact Bothwell Law Group Roswell tax whistleblower attorney Mike Bothwell for a free evaluation.