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Taking money from the federal government for a grant requires exact compliance with the terms of the grant and all federal regulations.

Common examples of False Claims Act cases based on grant fraud include fraud in the application for the grant, violations of federal regulations or grant terms, and falsifying data or certifications.

For example, if the Federal government provides a research grant, there could be an FCA case brought if:

  • The firm misrepresents its qualifications in order to receive the grant
  • The firm misrepresents the work it performed
  • The firm falsifies data and results of its work
  • The firm fails to abide by the terms of the grant. For example, the grant is for the hiring of 5 researchers with particular qualifications, but it instead hires 3 and pockets the rest, or hires non-qualified researchers

These are just some possible claims to arise out of a grant; there are an endless number of possibilities. If you suspect you have seen grant fraud from federally funded programs, call Bothwell Law Group’s team of experienced FCA attorneys or click below for a free evaluation.