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For-profit educational institutions that receive a federal funding and grants are obligated to follow federal regulations for recruiting students and paying recruiters.

Have you discovered fraudulent use of Georgia government education funds? Roswell government fraud lawyer Mike Bothwell at Bothwell Law Group will help you navigate the tricky waters of a False Claims Act lawsuit.

Higher education is expensive. Just like the students themselves, for-profit institutions oftentimes struggle to make ends meet and depend on federal loans and grant money to fill in the gaps. Even if well-meaning, educational workers who fraudulently misuse money received from government programs or those who falsify records for financial gain, whether for themselves or the institution itself (which is also self-serving because it ensures job security) are guilty of a serious crime. Coming forward with original evidence may be the only means to stop it.

However, whistleblowers should wisely seek counsel from a qualified and experienced Georgia whistleblower help attorney who will offer advice on how to avoid common pitfalls such as exceeding the Statute of Limitations, violating the terms of “Under Seal” confidentiality, failing to provide “original” (previously unknown) evidence, and failure to meet the “first to file” requirement. Additionally, if your evidence is not specific, your claim may be disqualified under Rule 9b.

Altered Records? Kickbacks? Don’t Let the Fraud Continue. A GA False Claims Act Lawyer Can Help

The Government also regulates the way the institution can grade, monitor, and graduate students who receive federal funding, such as Pell grants. Altering records, acceptance of kickbacks for a favored position/admission, and concealing non-attendance are all examples of fraud. Don’t let the fraud continue. A GA False Claims Act lawyer can help you put an end to it while protecting your rights and interests.

College admissions office workers, educators, and even students themselves can file suit against the wrongdoing institution, provided that their evidence meets requirements. Even if the whistleblower participated in the fraudulent act, the skilled team, headed by Roswell whistleblower litigation attorney Mike Bothwell, knows how to build a solid case, proving qualification.

If You Have Evidence of a For-Profit Education Institution’s Misuse of Government Funds, contact a Roswell Whistleblower Attorney for a Free Evaluation of Your Claim

Fraudulent use of taxpayer dollars intended for specific uses within for-profit education institutions can take many forms. If a for-profit educational institution is receiving Federal grant funds for students who do not qualify, do not attend, or should not graduate, for example, there may be a False Claims Act case. If you have evidence of a for-profit education institution’s misuse of government funds, contact Roswell whistleblower attorney Mike Bothwell of Bothwell Law Group for a free evaluation of your claim. Our expert team will evaluate the validity of the claim, offer advice on ways to avoid claim disqualification, and aggressively represent your claim.