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The Georgia Medicaid False Claims Act Protects Against Fraud and Abuse of State-Funded Healthcare Programs, but Proving Your Case Requires a Qualified Area Roswell False Claims Act Lawyer

The Georgia Medicaid False Claims Act protects against fraud and abuse of state-funded healthcare programs, but proving your case requires a qualified area Roswell False Claims Act Lawyer to ensure that no detail is overlooked. Medicaid and PeachCare are joint federal and state programs that help low-income individuals or families pay for the costs associated with long-term medical and custodial care, provided they qualify. They are frequent targets for fraud.

A Bothwell Law Group Medicaid fraud attorney Roswell, GA understands all aspects of the False Claims Act whistleblower requirements and knows the latest changes and challenges to the law itself. This is important because whistleblowers who are represented in the court by less qualified legal counsel may find their portion of the recovery award is far less than what it could have been.

Mike Bothwell, Roswell Medical Fraud Attorney, Limits His Practice to Whistleblower Law

Mike Bothwell, Roswell Medical Fraud attorney, limits his practice to federal and Georgia whistleblower law only. Not only does his sole focus ensure that he is up to date on all nuances of the False Claims Act law, it also means his attention is not distracted by cases that have nothing to do with protecting whistleblower’s interests. He guides clients through the entire process, offering advice on how to avoid dismissal of their claim. Don’t run the risk of collecting less than what you are duly owed for the risks you take. Contact a respected and trusted Roswell whistleblower help attorney for a free evaluation of your Georgia Medicaid fraud violation.

Medicaid Fraud Takes Many Forms. Contact Roswell Healthcare Fraud Lawyer Mike Bothwell

Georgia healthcare and clinic workers, office manager, billing and coding clerks, and other heathcare professionals should consult with a Georgia whistleblower help lawyer familiar with common fraudulent maneuvers, such as billing abuses, overpayment retention, and engaging in kickback schemes for preferential treatment.

Healthcare fraud is rampant in this country because it prays on the weak and infirm, and as a result, healthcare costs – and our taxes – are skyrocketing. If you are aware of healthcare fraud, self-referral (Stark Law) violations, or kickback violations being committed by a healthcare provider – including hospitals, physicians, pharmacists, drug manufacturers, behavioral or mental health providers, or medical equipment suppliers – please contact Roswell healthcare fraud lawyer Mike Bothwell at Bothwell Law Group.

The full text of the Georgia State False Medicaid Claims Act can be found here.