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The Georgia Taxpayer Protection False Claims Act was enacted to protect all Georgia state, county, and municipal funds from fraud

Under the Georgia Taxpayer Protection False Claims Act, nearly every state and local body is protected — any Georgia county, municipal corporation, consolidated government, authority, board of education or other local public board, body, or commission, town, school district, board of cooperative educational services, local public benefit corporation, hospital authority, taxing authority, or other political subdivision of the state or of such local government, including MARTA.

For example, if a Georgia city contracts with a contractor to build a new facility, there may be a Georgia False Claims Act case if the contractor:

  • misleads the city about its qualifications
  • provides false estimates about the cost of the work
  • applies funds from one contract to other contracts
  • overcharges the city for the work
  • lies about meeting contract requirements
  • builds the firehouse using substandard materials
  • fails to meet federal and state regulations in the building process

If you are aware of misuse of funds being provided by any public body in Georgia, we may be able to file a case on your behalf and return that money to the taxpayers. Call or click for a free evaluation with our experienced Georgia False Claims Act attorneys.

The full text of the Georgia Taxpayer Protection False Claims Act can be found here.