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Do You Have a Georgia Government Contractor Fraud Case? A Qualified Roswell Qui Tam Lawyer Will Help You Answer That Question.

Do you have a Georgia government contractor fraud, waste or abuse case? A qualified Roswell qui tam lawyer will help you answer that question as well as offer pointers on how to avoid disqualification. Inside knowledge of contractor fraud may entitle you to bring a qui tam lawsuit on the behalf of the government.

Types of Government Contractor Fraud:

  • Falsification of Records: A Roswell qui tam litigation lawyer at Bothwell Law Group understands the advantages and disadvantages you may face when exposing fraudulent activity.
  • Substitutions and/or sub-standard materials for what was actually contracted
  • Workplace Safety Violations: Numerous safety and health statutes, including OSHA regulations, protect whistleblowers against discrimination.
  • Inflated/fixed bids
  • Kickbacks/bribes to secure a government contract
  • Improper billing: price manipulation through cost allocation (such as charging the government while working on another job), cross-charging (multiple billings using different parameters for the same work), inflating costs/charges, etc.
  • Defense contract violations: contact a Georgia defense contractor fraud lawyer at Bothwell Law Group before talking to others concerning defense contract violations to ensure that your claim is filed safely and securely.

Find a Top Rated Government Fraud Georgia Attorney

Finding a top-rated government fraud Georgia attorney is easy if you know the right questions to ask. Look for a Roswell contractor fraud lawyer with a long history of complex civil litigation involving defense or supply contracts. Does the lawyer you’re considering have a winning record of substantial settlements? Does the lawyer have a reputation for protecting whistleblower clients from job retaliation? A qualified Roswell workplace intimidation help attorney knows how to protect whistleblowers from on-the-job punishments and unjustified firing. Ask the attorney if he or she also practice in other areas, such as personal injury or family law.

Or you can make it easy on yourself and connect with Mike Bothwell, Georgia whistleblower protection lawyer at Bothwell Law Group for a free evaluation and consultation to determine the merits of your government contractor fraud claim. All whistleblower cases are represented on a contingency basis.

Contact a Roswell Whistleblower Attorney

Whistleblowers who want to do the right thing should retain a False Claims Act attorney in Georgia to be sure they compensated for the risks they take. Several sets of “whistleblower laws”, including the False Claims Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act, and the Georgia Whistleblowers Act, which allows whistleblowers to file qui tam cases on behalf of the public, encourage and protect whistleblower rights. Awards can be as high as 30% of damages recovered, including fines and penalties.

If you have evidence of government fraud in Georgia, contact a Roswell whistleblower attorney at Bothwell Law Group today to avoid Statutes of Limitations, which can be as short as 90 days.­­ We’ll guide your case to satisfactory conclusion, protecting your rights and seeing to it that you are fairly compensated for the risk you took.