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Hospice Care fraud is emerging as one of the most profitable—and contemptible—forms of Medicare fraud.

Roswell Hospice Care Fraud Lawyer Helps Healthcare Whistleblowers

Hospice care provides medical services, emotional support, and spiritual resources for people (and their caretakers) who are in the last stages of a serious illness. It is intended to improve the quality of life for individuals with incurable illnesses and life expectancies shorter than six months, in their final days. When government funds for this program are misused with intent to defraud, Mike Bothwell, Roswell hospice care fraud lawyer, helps healthcare whistleblowers in Georgia through the claims process.

Some settlements take time to reach agreement in many whistleblower cases and certain requirements must be met. If you have original evidence of hospice care wrongdoing, seek advice from a nationally rated qui tam litigation attorney Atlanta Georgia to avoid pitfalls that can lead to filing/claim disqualification.

Roswell Medicare Fraud Lawyer Mike Bothwell Knows How to Present Evidence of Wrongdoing

Medicare makes payments on a per patient basis, a fact that hospices around the country have taken advantage of to defraud the Government. The team at Bothwell Law Group, led by Roswell Medicare fraud lawyer Mike Bothwell, knows how to present evidence of wrongdoing.

One basic scheme is to enroll Georgia patients who are not in the final stages of terminal illness, and so are not eligible for hospice care. Hospice care patients are expected to pass within six months due to their incurable illnesses, but fraudulent hospices have patients who remain “on the books” for years. In fact, by the end of 2013, 4 of the 10 largest hospice companies in the United States had been sued by whistleblowers alleging ineligible enrollments or other improprieties.

A Bothwell Law Group whistleblower help lawyer has a reputation for professional and firm False Claims Act violations litigation/negotiation. Other examples of hospice care fraud include:

  • enrolling ineligible patients
  • enrolling patients without a doctor’s prescription
  • falsifying documents to support false diagnoses
  • soliciting elderly patients to join the program
  • disenrolling patients prior to admission to the hospital (to avoid having to pay treatment costs)
  • charging patients for hospice care services
  • failing to provide services to patients

Hospice Care Fraud Whistleblowers Should Consult with a Qui Tam Lawyer in Georgia

Whistleblowers who uncover hospice care fraud should consult with a qui tam lawyer in Georgia with experience filing qui tam actions against hospices committing Medicare fraud.

Hospice Care fraud not only takes from the government, but it steals funding from a program that is intended to take care of dying individuals in their final days, a program with limited resources. If you are aware of a hospice that is enrolling ineligible patients or mistreating the patients they do have enrolled, contact Bothwell Law Group United States top whistleblower lawyer Atlanta Georgia  for help.