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Do you know of a Kickback Scheme in Georgia? Consult With a Roswell Whistleblower Lawyer

The Federal Anti-Kickback Statute 42 U.S.C. 1320a-7b(b) (AKS) prohibits the solicitation (either paying or receiving) of money or gifts used to obtain preferential treatment/personal enrichment (regardless of knowledge or intent) from individuals or companies receiving taxpayer dollars. Violators of AKS are automatically in violation of the False Claims Act, as well.

Do you know of a kickback scheme in Georgia? Consult with Mike Bothwell, Roswell whistleblower lawyer, to determine validity and eligibility to file. We represent clients who have original evidence of kickback wrongdoing from every field, from government defense contractors to Medicare workers.

Georgia workers, patients, healthcare providers, office managers, and others who uncover kickback schemes, or are coerced into participating in a kickback cover-up and wish to report it are oftentimes unsure of whether they have a case, and, if so, whether they are eligible to file a claim against the wrongdoers. A metro Atlanta kickback litigation lawyer can help the whistleblower avoid the common mistake of unintentional disqualification.

Atlanta Healthcare Whistleblower Attorney

An experienced and dedicated Atlanta healthcare whistleblower lawyer, the Bothwell team of anti-kickback specialists, focus solely on whistleblower/False Claims Act/ qui tam law. There is never a doubt that attention is undivided and their full understanding of False Claims Act law is up to date. This is very important because they know that whistleblowers in the healthcare industry have an additional statute to fall back on.

The Physician Self Referral Act, also known as the Stark law (named for bill sponsor Congressman Pete Stark), prohibits physicians from referring patients to twelve specific “Designated Health Services” (DHS), whether healthcare physicians or facilities, with whom they have a financial interest. The financial interest may include partial ownership, reimbursement for referral, or other compensation, such as club membership, trips, etc.

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Georgia whistleblowers should contact GA anti-kickback lawyer Mike Bothwell of Bothwell Law Group in Roswell for a free evaluation of their False Claims Act violation claim. Clients benefit not only from a successful Bothwell Law Group whistleblower help lawyer with decades of litigation experience, they also draw on the expertise of a carefully built legal team with a reputation for thoroughness and rock solid cases. We are happy to provide a list of our successfully litigated kickback cases and the damages awards recovered.