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Metro Atlanta Medicaid Fraud Lawyers Make Sure Whistleblowers Succeed

Medicaid funds are intended to help those in legitimate need of government assistance in order to survive. The program helps the physically and mentally disabled, the indigent, those who live below poverty level, and children who meet certain criteria. When fraud is committed against the most vulnerable Americans, the blow is especially hard. Georgia whistleblowers with first-hand, unique knowledge of Medicaid fraud help a segment of our population that is unable to help themselves and the experienced metro Atlanta Medicaid fraud lawyers at Bothwell Law Group stand ready to make sure whistleblowers succeed.

Funded on both Federal and State levels, Medicaid spending is a major budget issue in many states.

A Whistleblower Protection Lawyer Knows How to Stop Retaliation Abuse

Oftentimes, Medicaid fraud is uncovered by healthcare workers, clinic and office workers, Medicaid billing/coding clerks, dental personnel and other heathcare professionals. Georgia residents should consult with a metro Atlanta whistleblower help attorney.

Examples of Medicaid fraud include billing abuses such as falsified/double-billing, billing for services not rendered, unnecessary services, upcoding, etc. Retention of undeserved/unearned payments, deliberate or unintentional, is included in this list, as are kickback payments for patient referrals, preferred hiring, and other services that result in the exchange of financial gain for preferential treatment. Nursing homes, dental clinics, hospitals, hospice centers, physician offices, etc. are all potential sources of Medicaid fraud.

Without whistleblowers, Medicaid fraud can go unchecked, costing the American people millions of dollars, but exposing that fraud can also lead to unfair job punishment and/or outright firing. If you’ve suffered ridicule, demotion, termination, or other on-the-job act of revenge, you need protection. A whistleblower protection lawyer at Bothwell Law Group knows how to stop retaliation abuse.

Experienced Roswell Healthcare Fraud Attorneys Net Clients Highest Recovery Possible

The Bothwell Law Group Roswell healthcare fraud attorneys know how to prove your claim, drawing on a well-built, methodical approach that is designed to net clients the highest recovery possible.

The economic incentives for whistleblowers bringing qui tam actions (suing the wrongdoers on behalf of the government and taxpayers, as well as the whistleblower him/herself) involving Medicaid fraud can be huge. The government recognizes the importance of encouraging honesty and rewards a percentage of the recovered funds to the whistleblower. The maximum percentage allowable to the whistleblower is 30%.

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