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Like hospitals, nursing homes present a variety of opportunities for the unscrupulous to prey upon the elderly and infirm in the course of stealing from the government.

Georgia Eldercare Healthcare Workers Who Uncover Fraud Should Protect Themselves by Consulting with an Experienced Roswell Medical Fraud Attorney

Medical professional services provided, including rehab and therapy services, mean that every type of healthcare fraud may be present, including upcoding and billing for services not rendered. Georgia eldercare healthcare workers who uncover fraud should protect themselves with an experienced Roswell medical fraud attorney who will help them avoid pitfalls that can lead to disqualification while working to negotiate the highest possible settlement.

Failure to file, provide original evidence, or exceeding the Statute of Limitations could prevent a legitimate whistleblower from filing a claim on behalf of the government, thereby forfeiting rights to a portion of the recovery. Talking about the case while still “Under Seal” (a period of time in which the government decides whether or not to co-defend) can allso lead to disqualification. Mike Bothwell, the top Roswell nursing home fraud lawyer at Bothwell Law Group, and his team of False Claims Act experts and professionals protects whistleblower interests.

Healthcare Kickback Practices in Georgia Nursing Homes Also Violate the Stark Law Statute. Protect Your Job with an Atlanta Whistleblower Protection Lawyer

Nursing home fraud can take many forms, including Medicare and Medicaid fraud. In some instances, the services are performed but they are not necessary – the resident might either be more advanced than would require the service, or unable to benefit from the service due to other diagnoses. Fraud may also occur around the medications taken in nursing homes, especially those with in-house or captive pharmacies, or relating to dental services being provided.

The environment is also ripe for illegal kickback arrangements, including with those providing unnecessary hospice care. Healthcare kickback practices in Georgia nursing homes also violate the Stark Law Statute. Workers who uncover kickbacks should protect their job with an Atlanta whistleblower help lawyer.

Unfortunately, job retaliation may result if co-workers or bosses find out who stopped the illegal flow of money. Georgia whistleblowers have been fired, demoted, subjected to ridicule, and unfairly denied benefits, as well as suffering other retaliatory actions. Mike Bothwell is an experienced Roswell whistleblower protection attorney with decades of False Claims Act violations negotiation. His team knows how to prepare your case for litigation and how to firmly and professionally reinstate your job rights.

Call a GA Nursing Home Fraud Lawyer Knows how to Evaluate and Prepare Your Case

While most claims never go to court, whistleblowers in Georgia still need a skilled metro Atlanta whistleblower litigation attorney who knows how to fight for the highest dollar settlement possible.

The elderly deserve and need your protection. If you see practices that concern you, call a Georgia nursing home fraud lawyer at Bothwell Law Group who knows how to evaluate and prepare your case. Decades of experience in whistleblower law field gives us the leading edge over competitors. Together we can explore all options for correcting the situation, including filing a False Claims Act case if the circumstances warrant.