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If Certain Facts about Your Georgia False Claims Act Case are Already “Publicly Disclosed”, Your Case is Subject to Dismissal and You May Get Nothing.

You Need Experienced Atlanta Whistleblower Counsel.

To prevent “parasitic” lawsuits, the False Claims Act bars actions that are based on information of fraudulent use of public funds that is already “publicly disclosed.” Georgia whistleblowers who wish to bring a False Claims Act claim must first present their evidence to the government, preferably with the help of an experienced Georgia whistleblower help lawyer. While the government considers whether or not to intervene (join the case as lead counsel), the case is “Under Seal”, prohibiting discussion, or even the fact that a claim has been filed.

If certain facts about your Georgia False Claims Act case are already “publicly disclosed”, your case is subject to dismissal. You need experienced Atlanta whistleblower counsel to avoid situations like this. A Bothwell Law Group qui tam lawyer Roswell, Georgia  will advise you against talking to others while your claim is “Under Seal”.

The definition of what is and is not considered to be a “public disclosure” is constantly changing and varies from one court to the next. As a result, you may not even know about the public disclosure, but its existence can jeopardize your Georgia qui tam lawsuit years after it was filed.

An Inexperienced Lawyer May Jeopardize Your Case. Consult a GA Whistleblower Protection Lawyer who Specializes in False Claims Act Law

Even worse, sometimes a well-meaning but inexperienced attorney working on your behalf can jeopardize your case by triggering a public disclosure during the course of investigating your claims. It is important to consult with a GA whistleblower protection lawyer who specializes in False Claims Act law and knows what constitutes a public disclosure so that it can investigate your case without putting it at risk.

Bothwell Law Group False Claims Act lawyers Georgia whistleblower experts have successfully litigated public disclosure issues in courts around the country. We know how to safely investigate your whistleblower claims and provide evidence of the fraud without putting your case at risk. If there are already potential public disclosures, a Bothwell Law Group qui tam Atlanta lawyer knows how to fight the dismissal of your False Claims Act case.

Contact a GA False Claims Act Attorney

If there has been any mention of facts related to the defendants or your case in a government hearing, public document, or in the news media, you need experienced FCA counsel to evaluate your case. Call or click for a free evaluation with our experienced Bothwell Law Group GA False Claims Act attorneys.

“The court shall dismiss an action or claim under this section, unless opposed by the Government, if substantially the same allegations or transactions as alleged in the action or claim were publicly disclosed.” 31 U.S.C. § 3730(e)(4).