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Georgia Whistleblowers with Evidence of Tax Evasion Need a Roswell Tax Fraud Attorney with IRS Whistleblower Program Experience

Whistleblower protections are most often covered by the False Claims Act, but if your evidence relates to tax evasion, the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006 Internal Revenue Service Whistleblower Program, IRC Section 7623(b), applies slightly different guidelines. The Georgia IRS whistleblower program encourages, protects, and rewards individuals, workers, and companies who expose fraudulent tax evasion and deliberate underpayments. Georgia whistleblowers with evidence of tax evasion need a Roswell tax fraud attorney with IRS Whistleblower Program experience to protect their interests.

The provision rewards and protects whistleblowers who report tax evasion fraud by individuals with income that exceeds a yearly gross income of $200,000 or by corporations exceeding $2 million. Georgia whistleblowers should retain an experienced Roswell tax evasion whistleblower attorney: when reporting fraud against the federal government, because the settlement, which includes not only the amount defrauded, but interest, additional penalties, and possibly punitive damages that may be added in, as well, are substantial. Tax evasion whistleblowers are entitled to a percentage of the losses recovered on behalf of the government.

Roswell IRS Whistleblower Lawyer Mike Bothwell Helps Georgia Whistleblowers Gather and Present Evidence While Avoiding Dismissal

Roswell IRS whistleblower lawyer Mike Bothwell helps Georgia whistleblowers gather and present evidence while avoiding dismissal, as well as fighting hard to gain the highest settlement possible. Whistleblower evidence is extremely important in tax evasion cases and may affect the amount of your recovery. We know how to present pertinent evidence so that its value is weighed correctly.

Whistleblowers should avoid disqualification of their claim. Exceeding the Statute of Limitations, participation in the tax evasion itself, and discussing the case while the government is still investigating may lead to claim dismissal. Additionally, your evidence should be “original” (not previously known) and specific. An experienced Georgia tax fraud whistleblower attorney can help you avoid these common pitfalls by guiding and advising you every step of the way.

Hiring a GA Tax Whistleblower Attorney Protects Your Rights and Interests

Hiring a GA tax whistleblower attorney protects your rights and interests. Georgia tax evasion whistleblowers need Mike Bothwell, a Roswell tax fraud attorney to ensure that no detail has been overlooked as well as protecting claimants against job retaliation. He represents clients who appeal IRS award decisions, as well. Consult with a top rated whistleblower lawyer Roswell Georgia at Bothwell Law Group to evaluate your claim and offer advice regarding all options for consideration.

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