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The False Claims Act is the premier federal whistleblower program and the model upon which both state FCAs and other federal programs are designed.

Advice and Guidance from an Atlanta False Claims Act Lawyer

Whistleblowers usually risk a lot when they come forward with evidence that proves fraudulent use of government funds. When the False Claims Act was amended in 1986 with a qui tam statute enabling ordinary citizens to sue wrongdoers on behalf of the government (and sharing in a percentage of the recovered damages), many Georgia subcontractors, employees, clinic workers, and others with evidence of misuse of government funds found themselves in need of a metro Atlanta False Claims Act Attorney for advice and guidance.

Conveniently located north of Atlanta, Roswell whistleblower protection attorney Mike Bothwell was among the first attorneys to file a False Claims Act case after the 1986 amendments to the False Claims Act revitalized the statute. He pioneered the use of the FCA to prosecute healthcare fraud by filing one of the first Medicare FCA cases – now widely regarded as a “garden-variety” FCA case.

Choose a GA Qui Tam Lawyer With an Exclusive Focus on False Claims Act Cases

Bothwell Law Group False Claims Act law firm is now one of only a handful of firms who exclusively handle False Claims Act cases and cases under related spin-off programs. Hiring a specialist in this area is critical—the statute and interpretative case law is filled with traps for the unwary or uninitiated attorney, like the first to file rule, public disclosure, and original source issues.

A GA qui tam lawyer at Bothwell Law Group is well positioned to investigate and help you present your case to the Government, giving you the best chance at intervention. And if the Government does not intervene in your case, the skilled and experienced qui tam litigators at Bothwell Law Group, one of the only firms in the country who regularly litigate declined cases to successful conclusions, makes us experts on declination issues such as surviving a challenge under Rule 9(b) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, assimilating and reviewing massive document and ESI productions, and negotiating Relator’s Share issues.

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