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Roswell Medical Fraud Attorney Arms You With A Full Understanding of Upcoding Challenges and Rewards

Georgia government programs like the Federal Employees Healthcare Program, Medicare, Medicaid, and others are funded with taxpayer dollars. Doctors, hospitals, home health agencies or other medical providers/third party payers who fraudulently bilk the government by “upcoding” (using medical codes that have a higher reimbursement rate or billing separately for a service included in a package) oftentimes continue their wrongdoing for years, undetected. Do you have specific and original evidence of medical upcoding practices used to fraudulently increase profits at the expense of government programs? If so, a qualified Roswell medical fraud attorney can help you to arm yourself with a full understanding of the challenges and rewards you face.

A Georgia False Claims Act lawsuit may be brought against hospitals, hospices, clinics and corporations, as well as individuals, from physicians and nursing home employees/owners, to therapists and home health care providers. If you know of someone who has knowingly submitted a false or fraudulent healthcare claim or has knowingly kept an overpayment or avoided an obligation to the government (i.e. failing to deliver treatment as billed), Mike Bothwell, a Roswell False Claims Act lawyer with Bothwell Law Group confines his practice solely to whistleblower protection law and can help you assess your evidence and claim, represent your interests through negotiation or litigation, and recover a percentage (15% to 30%) of the damages, fines, and punitive damages, if applicable. Millions of dollars may be involved.

A Roswell Medicare Fraud Lawyer Can Unravel Medical Jargon

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid policy requires coding that properly reflects the reason for the treatment and that supporting documentation is entered into medical records in a timely manner. Georgia Medicare and Medicaid fraud cases can be complex. Retain an experienced and well respected Roswell Medicare fraud lawyer who knows how to unravel medical jargon and abbreviations and has a reputation for a winning record of successfully settled claims.

A whistleblower first brings a complaint to the government by filing a False Claims Act violations lawsuit. The complaint is filed “Under Seal”, a type of gag order, forbidding others, including the whistleblower, from discussing the case. While the case is Under Seal, the government conducts its own investigation and decides whether to intervene or decline the case. If the government decides to intervene, it becomes lead counsel, but the whistleblower is still entitled to a portion of the damages imposed by the court upon the wrongdoers. If the government declines, the whistleblower then brings suit “qui tam” (on behalf of the government), asking the courts to impose civil liability. Whether the government chooses intervention or declination, whistleblowers benefit when a Roswell medical billing fraud lawyer is watching out for their rights and interests.

Experienced and Respected Roswell Medical Fraud Lawyer

Bringing a False Claims Act lawsuit can be a drawn out process. Whistleblowers need a focused Georgia whistleblower protection lawyer like Mike Bothwell. While the government does all it can to keep whistleblower identity confidential, the initial investigation itself may blow that cover. Whistleblowers who uncover upcoding fraud in Georgia run the risk of job retaliation. Don’t suffer humiliation, demotion, unfair firing or layoff, denial of benefits, or other act of retaliation alone or in silence. A skilled and experienced Roswell workplace intimidation help lawyer knows how to professionally and firmly reinstate your workplace rights.

Upcoding fraud is draining federal healthcare programs. Whistleblowers who expose systematic violations of the False Claims Act for upcoding prevent government waste and stop cheaters in their tracks. Let us help you as you help your country. Contact Mike Bothwell, an experienced and respected Roswell medical fraud lawyer, for a full and free Georgia upcoding fraud case evaluation.