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When a Roswell False Claims Act Attorney Helps Georgia Whistleblowers File a Claim, the DOJ Reviews the Case.

All False Claims Act are placed “Under Seal”, a period of time when the case cannot be discussed or even alluded to until the Government decides what action, if any, it wishes to take.

When a Roswell False Claims Act attorney helps whistleblowers file a claim, the Department of Justice (DOJ) first reviews the case. Because False Claims Act cases are brought on behalf of the taxpayers, the Government attorneys at the Department of Justice get to review all cases to decide whether the Government will take the lead on prosecuting the case.

If the Government chooses to take the lead role, it is said to “intervene” in the case. Relators (the whistleblower and their counsel) still play an important role in the case, but the Government will handle directly negotiations and litigation with the defendant and its counsel. Roswell whistleblower protection attorney Mike Bothwell of Bothwell Law Group and his team of legal experts has a lengthy history of successful whistleblower settlement awards while working with Government counsel.

Roswell Qui Tam Lawyer Mike Bothwell Helps Whistleblowers Even When the Government Declines the Case

But it is important to know that for a variety of reasons, including low potential damages, resource allocation issues, cost of prosecution, political incentives, and types of cases already being prosecuted in a given district, over 90% of cases are not intervened. Roswell Qui Tam Lawyer Mike Bothwell helps whistleblowers even when the Government declines the case.

A Georgia case that is not intervened is said to be “declined” (“Declination”). In a declined case, the roles are reversed. Relator and relator’s counsel, who should be a Georgia False Claims Act attorney who focuses solely on whistleblower law, take the lead and the Government, who remains the “real party in interest,” take a secondary role.

An Experienced Georgia Whistleblower Help Lawyer Knows What to Do, Whether There is Intervention or Declination.

With less than 10% of cases being intervened, you can see why it is critical both to have an experienced Georgia whistleblower help lawyer who knows what to do, whether there is intervention or declination.

Remember: more than 9 out of every 10 people who think they have a “slam dunk” case get an initial declination by the government. In our experience, non-intervention has little to do with the relative merits of the case.

Bothwell Law Group knows how to best prepare your case, and why it is critical to ask whether your law firm will handle your case even if it is declined. We only take cases we believe in, on the merits – not based on a lottery ticket mentality. Call Georgia qui tam litigation lawyer Mike Bothwell at Bothwell Law Group today for a free consultation and let us guide you through the entire lifecycle of your case.