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Are You a Georgia Resident Thinking About Reporting Government Fraud but Concerned for Your Job Security? A Roswell Whistleblower Protection Lawyer Can Help

Established to protect whistleblowers from job retaliation, The Whistleblower Protection Act prohibits on-the-job reprisal for those who expose fraudulent use of government funds.

Georgia residents who are aware of government fraud but concerned about job security can benefit from the guidance of an experienced Roswell whistleblower protection lawyer. Employees, managers, office workers, and even CEOs who uncover wrongdoing within their company are often tempted to keep their mouth shut in order to keep their job. On-the-job retaliation is a valid concern.

Your co-workers may attempt to discredit you by outright denial or ridicule. Whistleblowers might face a sudden change to less than desirable hours despite seniority or a demotion. Others may be fired outright. Pressure to change your story may be overbearing enough to force a resignation. While it may seem that you are standing up to an army of opponents, you do have someone willing and skilled enough to help you fight for your rights and interests: a metro Atlanta Bothwell Law Group job protection attorney.

Avoid Disqualification. Don’t Discuss Your Georgia Government Fraud Claim With Anyone Except a Qualified Atlanta False Claims Act Attorney.

The False Claims Act 31 U.S.C. § 3720 and § 3730(h) retaliation claim guidelines establish clear measuring sticks when determining validity, beginning with determination of eligibility for protection, employer knowledge of wrongdoing, and determining whether the job discrimination is related to the exposure of fraudulent use of government money.

Don’t discuss your Georgia government fraud claim with anyone except a qualified area Atlanta False Claims Act attorney. Doing so could compromise your right to claim. Another person may file, using your information, ahead of you. Additionally, claims of mismanagement or misuse of government funds claims are initially filed “Under Seal”, which prohibits discussion of the facts of the case. How your claim is presented is important. For instance, previous participation in the wrongdoing may potentially disqualify your right to claim. Bothwell Law Group qui tam attorneys in Roswell and surrounding areas have the knowledge, skill, and experience needed to represent clients filing claims under the False Claims Act.

If You’ve Experienced On-The-Job Retaliation, Contact a GA Job Intimidation Help Lawyer at Bothwell Law Group in Roswell

If you’ve experienced the following actions after reporting fraudulent use of Georgia government funds, whether local, State or Federal, you need an Atlanta workplace intimidation protection lawyer who has a successful record of recovery damages for whistleblowing actions:

  • Denial of Benefits
  • Pay Reduction
  • Unwarranted Job Termination
  • Failure to Rehire
  • Layoff Actions
  • Reduction of Hours
  • Change of Job Description
  • Threats
  • Ridicule
  • Other Disciplinary Action Related to Whistleblowing

If you’ve experienced on-the-job retaliation, contact a GA job intimidation help lawyer at Bothwell Law Group today.