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Whistleblowing in the Workplace

Whistleblowing in the WorkplaceBefore you choose to disclose your knowledge of fraud in your workplace, we want you to have a clear understanding of the implications of whistleblowing in the workplace. It is important for you to do the right thing. However, you should also be clear of the pros and cons of whistleblowing in the workplace before moving forward with a lawsuit.

In whistleblowing lawsuits, it is important to move quickly if you want to be the first to file. However, we don’t want you to move so quickly that you make a choice you regret. That’s why we suggest every potential whistleblower carefully consider the pros and cons of whistleblowing in the workplace:

Pro: Exposing Fraudulent Activity Is the Right Thing to Do

Perhaps the biggest advantage of becoming a whistleblower is being able to know you have made the right choice. After becoming aware of fraudulent activity occurring in your place of work, you can make the choice to expose the fraudulent activity so the government can recover the money lost.

Con: Your Career Could Suffer

Employers are prohibited from seeking revenge after an employee has exposed them for fraudulent activity. However, your career may still suffer because of your choice. Once your case becomes public, you may receive attention in the business world. Being labeled as a whistleblower could decrease your chances of being hired at a new company in the future.

Pro: Protection from Retaliation Is Available

Under the False Claims Act, all whistleblowers are protected from their employer’s retaliation. If you decide on whistleblowing in the workplace, you can be sure they will be angry. But you can also know you have legal protection if they decide to retaliate because of your choice.

Con: Your Relationships May Suffer

Even though you have chosen the right thing, your coworkers may not agree with your actions. Whistleblowers often stand alone. Friends they thought they could trust in their workplace will turn their back on them in order to protect their own reputation.

Pro: You May Get a Financial Reward

If a lawsuit stems from evidence of fraud you have provided, the government will seek to recover the funds they have lost as a result of fraudulent activity. If the lawsuit is successful, you could be rewarded up to 30 percent of the recovered funds.

Do you want to move forward with blowing the whistle on your employer? One of our skilled false claims act attorneys at Bothwell Law Group can help you take advantage of the rewards of whistleblowing. We can also help protect your from the disadvantages. Find out what you need to know about whistleblowing in the workplace by clicking this link or calling 770.643.1606.

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