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Who Can Be A Whistleblower Under the False Claims Act?

People often wonder if they are eligible to be a whistleblower when they become aware of misuse of local, state, and/or federal funds. An experienced False Claims Act Lawyer at Bothwell Law Group can provide the answers to this and any related questions. Usually, questions fall into three specific categories: who can be a whistleblower, does my evidence qualify, and what are my rights?

Who can be a whistleblower? Basically, anyone with information about wrongdoing, including, but not limited to:

  • Employees
  • Owners, Officers, or Directors
  • Competitors
  • Defense Contractors
  • Billing personnel
  • Medical Care Personnel
  • Clinic Workers
  • Patients
  • Clients
  • Agents

The amount and type of information you need depends on the case.  How you gather information might depend on geographic area or court.  HIPAA has an exception for whistleblower use.  The stronger the evidence is of fraud, the stronger the case will be from the outset, but your lawyer and the government can also develop additional information and evidence during the investigation period of your case.  A qui tam lawyer at the Bothwell Law Group has the experience and expertise you need to protect your rights, your job, and your interests.  They can help you determine whether you can qualify as a whistleblower and help sort through your information and evidence.

The bottom line is, whistleblowers are people who have seen a scheme to defraud the Government and are willing to come forward and help recover the funds. Anybody with knowledge of fraudulent activities can be a whistleblower, though most whistleblowers are “insiders” to the company committing the fraud.

A Skilled Whistleblower Attorney Knows how to Litigate Your Claim Properly

If information is the door to knowledge, then evidence is the key. A skilled whistleblower attorney knows how to litigate your claim properly and seeks the highest financial recovery possible.

Sometimes potential whistleblowers damage or disqualify their cases before they ever start by failing to reach out to a qualified attorney early in the process.  Don’t damage your right to file by making a mistake before you ever start. The Bothwell Law Group team of whistleblower protection attorneys knows that many actions can damage the case, but even your participation in the fraud can be overcome by knowledgeable attorneys.

We understand the pressure you’ve been under. Some clients refuse to participate in the fraud and lose their jobs. Others may have been forced to participate in the fraudulent scheme conduct to keep their jobs. A few even have participated willingly, but have had a change of heart and want to do the right thing. If you know about fraud, waste, or abuse of Government funding, you may be eligible to be a whistleblower. Contact a Bothwell Law Group whistleblower attorney for a free evaluation.

If you are wondering whether your situation is covered by the False Claims Act, ask:
  • Is there federal, state, or local GOVERNMENT money at issue?
  • Is someone lying or misleading the Government to get money?
  • Is someone lying or misleading the Government to keep money?
  • Is someone lying or misleading the Government to get more money than he is entitled to receive?

Still not sure? Need more information? Contact an experienced qui tam attorney at the Bothwell Law Group for a free, confidential evaluation.